Samsung Exhibit 4G and Gravity Touch 2 Coming to T-Mobile June 8th

Not too long ago we got our first look at the Samsung Exhibit 4G, an upcoming HSPA+ device for T-Mobile. We now have confirmation the the Exhibit will be joining the HTC Sensation 4G along with another Samsung handset, the Gravity Touch 2, on June 8th.

The Exhibit 4G will feature a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and dual cameras. The phone is dealer priced at $325 which translate to a $99-$199 price tag after $50 rebate. The Gravity Touch 2 (GT2) will feature a 3.2-inch display, 800MHz processor, and 3MP camera. Dealer pricing is $225 and a $50 rebate should bring the handset to a sub-$100 pricing.

[via TMoNews 1, 2]

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  • Carmen Diva

    ¬†the exhibit ¬†doesn’t look that great in this picture.

    and again with the 3 megapixel cameras like on the sidekick?

    That is stupid.

    And as much as I like Android, it’s kind of annoying seeing originally non-android models go android now, just my opinion.

    First the env line…next the Gravity line

  • ayvex

    it seems like as though this year every two months tmobile is dropping a new high end phone. february was the vibrant 4g (i know repeat of what was released last year), april was the g2x and now june is going to be the sensation 4g. Got me wondering what is the hot phone scheduled to come out in august? i’ll just get my sensation 4g and be content with that for awhile.

  • tico7288

    Does this mean tmo is not getting the sgs2?