Motorola Droid X2 Now Set for May 26th Release, qHD Display and Gingerbread On Board

According to a new leak the Motorola Droid X2 has indeed been delayed, with the device now set to launch in stores on May 26th. The same leak details some of the specs for the device, including it’s dual-core 1GHz CPU, 4.3-inch qHD resolution display, and an interface that seems to suggest the phone will launch with Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

The handset also features an 8MP rear camera capable of 720p video capture and the capability to use an HDMI connection for 1080p device mirroring on an HD TV. We still wish the list of specs also included a 4G LTE radio, but even without it the X2 remains a rather tempting option in Verizon’s lineup.

[via DroidLife]

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  • virginia

    lol my gf is about to get an incredible 2 so if true then she can exchange for the new X2 when it drops!

    • NukkaYarrell

      Your girlfriend? Nice.. two hot whore lesbians going all droid-munching on us! Two thumbs up!

  • Skeeter

    No LTE means no buy for me… It’s absurd that big red is still pushing out ‘top of the line phones’ with no LTE…. Shame Shame…

    • Bigguh2

      Unfortunately, for me, I live in an area without LTE. In fact, it is not even on the list of new areas receving LTE coverage in the near future! So, I wouldn’t mind getting this.

      • Brian

        Its a shame people are actually this dumb to think 4g is that important… most people don’t and won’t have 4g plus it makes phones a lot more expensive, battery life sucks, etc…. I am on wifi most of the time anyway

        • Nolan Smith

          Actually with the right device the battery life wont be too bad. Just because the Thunderbolt sucks does not mean they all do.

          • mytwocents

            ¬†Nolans right…And Brian, just FYI, when you are on LTE, you won’t want to be on WiFi. It’s that fast.

  • Brett

    Look under where it says double the power. It says hdmi mirroring! Hopefully it’ll mirror everything on the screen not the limited hdmi like the original x where it only played videos from the gallery.

    • Brian

      It will

      • mytwocents

        Brian is right. What you see on the display will show on the screen. It’s awesome!

  • PirateFan

    I just wish they installed a front facing camera for video chat. It looks like LTE is a flop for now anyway. I am pissed that we don’t have more dual core phones on the market.

  • joe uppercuts

    I don’t understand why this phone can’t record in 1080p, and what of the ff camera? I have a droid x. But i’ll wait until googles next nexus device. Hopefully Verizon will get off their goku cloud and carry it.

    • aeok18109

      ROFLMAO goku cloud FTMFW

    • NukkaYarrell

      learn to read specs and understand what it takes to record 1080p.

      • joe uppercuts

        Ok seeing how I don’t understand the basic tenants to read hardware requirements to produce 1080p, why don’t you tell me mister man? It has a dual core processor it’ll run gingerbread, so tell me why it can’t run 1080p doc brown?! Does it need the flux compasitor and 1.21 gigawatts?

      • Nate Davidson

        Actually the chipset is designed for 1080p recording. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes possible. Plus, do people REALLY need 1080p recording? If I wanted to record something in high def, I’d just use my much, MUCH cheaper 14 megapixel camera.¬†

  • Mcho19

    Why does a dual core make internet browsing faster? I can understand making flash faster once it completely downloads. Does VZW think android users are idiots?

    • Chess Piece Face

      would you feel like they were more honest if they’d said, “Makes web browsing faster since we’re sure you’re running other programs on the phone while you’re browsing”

  • Guilherme M. Brum

    since he’ll have gingerbread, maybe they update our phones with froyo to ginger in the end of this month! hope is always good ^^

  • Jhuie62

    I want my next Droid to be 4g and have a dual core processing. I do not think this is to much to ask for. Until then I will keep my original. Huntfly

  • Cipher Zero

    Encrypted bootloader. For me personally, I don’t care if it has 512 cores, LTE Advanced,and free tethering for life. I have zero-interest in encrypted bootlooaders. It’s ashame that Moto and VZW went from a home-run phone like the Droid 1 with its ease of rooting, vanilla android, and virtual unbrickability to the Droid 2 which addressed the keyboard layout and lack of memory, then proceeded to put on a boatload of bloatware, enabled the e-fuses, encrypted the bootloader, and basically treated it as a slapped around red-headed stepchild. I still don’t believe Moto when they say they’re going to start using unencrypted bootloaders “sometime in the future”. They’re just paying lip service to all the people who complained about it. Other than the encrypted bootloader, and lack of having an option for an LTE radio, it looks like a nice phone.