LG Refines Revolution As a Revised Version Hits the FCC

No, you’re not experiencing deja vu – the LG Revolution has definitely passed the FCC before. It was back in March and it appeared a launch could be imminent, but we heard nothing from Verizon and word is it wasn’t in the hands of testers. That’s because LG had some screws to tighten and some glue to reapply. They’ve submitted a new version of the phone to the FCC recently. It’s the same phone, but the changes made are most likely going to be transparent to the end-user. With this second submission, let’s hope they’re satisfied with what they’ve produced so we can see it launch already. (We have been seeing it since January, after all.) [Wireless Goodness]

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  • Tuggy24g

    Wish they would pull a Moto and just redo the whole thing. I mean I love LG phones and if they would just add duel core and 1GB of ram plus a decent 8MP camera they are set. I mean this phone is already out od date compared the all the other phones out. I personally will not buy is just for this reason! What a waist.

    • chris125

      Agree they should have added dual core made it like the g2x. I mean that would have been a huge seller on verizon. Oh well I’m sure they wont release this for atleast another month or so anyway.

      • jaylanPHNX

        You’re right, a G2x with LTE would sell like crazy!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2ZFTUZVURDWXHQLXJKHHTR5XN4 Michael Brown

    A G2X on Verizon would be like a dream come true. I guess we will see. So far Verizon has really disappointed me.

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      Here are the threads of hope I’m holding onto (in order of awesomeness).

      HTC Sensation on Verizon (never gonna happen)
      G2X with vanilla Android (highly unlikely)
      Galaxy S 2 (this will probably happen but not for months)
      Bionic with unlocked bootloader

      Things ain’t lookin’ good.

      • Ckochinsky0125

        I’m hopin Verizon releases one phone to compete with all the other carriers otherwise come Sept when I’m contract is up I’m switching. I played with a g2x the other day and thats one sweet phone

  • The Dave

    Typical Verizon 2011 phone.

    2010 spec sheet
    2011 spec price range
    release date changes / moves at a whim

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      Isn’t it frustrating as hell? I’m SO sick of this crap and my contract isn’t up until September.

  • lisa4labz

    My full 2 year upgrade was due 3 weeks ago and other than the Thunderbolt there are no other 4g’s to choose from. 4g should have been delayed if they can’t get the phones.

  • Mrgrey42

    from the FCC rules concerning Class-II permissive changes…
    ” (2) A Class II permissive change includes those modifications which degrade the performance characteristics as reported to the Commission at the time of the initial certification. Such degraded performance must still meet the minimum requirements of the applicable rules. When a Class II permissive change is made by the grantee, the grantee shall supply the Commission with complete information and the results of tests of the characteristics affected by such change. The modified equipment shall not be marketed under the existing grant of certification prior to acknowledgement by the Commission that the change is acceptable.”