Android at 400,000 New Activations Per Day, 200,000 Apps in the Market

At today’s Google I/O keynote the tremendous growth of the Android platform was highlighted. Hugo Barra took the stage and in his opening remarks revealed that Android now sees over 400,000 activations per day. That’s up from the 350,000 activations per day Eric Schmidt told us of back at Mobile World Congress in February. A video illustrated Android’s climb to reach over 100 million Android device activations since its inception.

In addition, Gundotra gave us the most recent official tally of apps in the Android Market. Google’s app store now hosts 200,000 apps. Among all of those apps, the Market has seen 4.5 billion application installs. It took two years to garner the first 2 billion, but since then it only took 5 months to tack on the next 2 billion. Quite tremendous growth. Barra highlighted some of the big name apps that have joined the Android Market in that time, another impressive list.

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  • Jdog25

    WOW just wow. Google just made Apple look like total crap today.

  • silicobat

    ppl in east coast ftw !!

  • James7

    Wow south korea is on fire. With that hope to get some decent kRPGs and games from them for the android platform

  • Mosh1243

    360 million activations per month? Doubt it.