Samsung Galaxy S II Notches 3 Million Pre-Orders Globally


Last week we learned that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II topped 120,000 in the manufacturer’s native South Korea, but today we are learning that demand for the handset is global with the announcement of 3 million pre-orders for the device tallied by the end of April. When the S II was first revealed at Mobile World Congress, it left little doubt that the device would be a hit and response from around the world echoes the notion.

The Galaxy S will eventually reach 120 countries on 140 carriers, but we should note that the tremendous pre-order numbers don’t even account for the US where a rollout of the device is still unannounced. We’d like to see the pre-order numbers with North America factored in. They’d surely be astounding.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Damn, not bad for Samsung. Still not getting this phone though. ;D

    1. LOL. If Engadget gave this phone a 9/10 then it must be good despite running TouchWiz. Of course LauncherPro can correct that and make it a 10/10. They did let it be known that just because it has a dual core doesn’t mean it is better then a phone like the Nexus S because the Atrix started out good but then got slowed down by Motoblur.

  2. oh, it is coming to the US? i was beginning to think we just got to watch the other countries use it. american carriers need to get with the program and end the horsesh*t that keeps holding up new phones and updates coming to the states.

    1. When it comes to Android the U.S. is the main buyer of these phones and we tend to get most of the better phones first. What do you mean by updates the top two Android phones to receive updates on time were released in the U.S. first before going to other countries.

  3. And not one of those 3 million is from VZW and their singal core fetish. Oh wait, a Droid X 2, which is the same as the Droid X, but with a dual core and not LTE. Wild how VZW has fallne off the Android cliff since blowing Apple.

    1. I can too spell “single”.

      1. @1b92cebee4420a4c874f7808f5cbf46f:disqus that’s because you are…;P

    2. I have to agree that it’s weird how Verizon will be the last carrier to have a dual core phone. AT&T had the Atrix since February. T-mobile got the G2X. Sprint will soon get the EVO 3D. The LG Optimus 3D is also coming to AT&T and T-mobile.

      It’s very strange indeed that Verizon is the last one to get the best phones, when they were the ones to get the best phones last year.

      1. I don’t think it’s strange at all. These dual core phones have to be more expensive then their single core counter part and most consumers won’t care.

        It’s not like a dual core phone is going to have a different email or facebook app. It’s not going to make the camera quality better if the phone has a dual core.

        Verizon has a huge customer base and it keeps getting bigger. They don’t need to try and attract with dual core, which would cost them more money since they would need to increase the subsidy to hit the price point.

        Basically, Verizon knows where they are and currently. It seems their marketing point is their network; not if a given phone on their network is faster then the next. You have to remember, once you get to a certain performance level, it will satisfy the majority of people.

        What good are high benchmark scores or multi cores when you’re not a gamer or doing something like video editing on a phone? I know I don’t need dual core, but I just want it so I’m frustrated!! But again, Verizon is playing to the masses in the most cost effective way they can. Catering to people that are spec happy, like me, won’t really increased revenue.

        1. Have you checked these single core phone prices? They are the same as dual core ones. Atrix started at $150 on AT&T actually. You might as well get your money’s worth if you’re going to pay $200 on a 2 year contract for a phone that already has a 1 year old chip inside.

          1. Lets not forget about the single core Droid Charge for $300 on 2 year contract, LMAO. free2allnew is just another fanboy who doesn’t think before they talk.

          2. I’m no Verizon fanboy.. I’m just calling it as I see it.

            No matter how much I want a dual core phone on VzW, from a company stand point, there’s no need for them to offer one at this time. They’re doing just fine (makiung more $$$) by charging premium prices on older tech

          3. That proves what I’m saying. Why would Verizon or anyone else need to sell dual core phones at subsidized prices when they can command a premium price on a lower cost, to them, phone?

            I say Verizon isn’t launching a bunch of high/new tech phones because it would only cost the more money in subsidizes.

        2. ‘Verizon has a huge customer base and it keeps getting bigger. They don’t need to try and attract with dual core, which would cost them more money since they would need to increase the subsidy to hit the price point.’

          THis statement is very

  4. Let me tell you U.S guys this first hand, believe the hype. This is how Android should have been from day one.

    1. Prices would have been through the roof back in 2008. I’ll wait a few months because the Atrix started out really good but then many reviewers changed their mind when they noticed how much the Motoblur skin was slowing it down. I don’t hate dual core phones because my next one will be a Tegra 3 dual core.

      1. I was in the same boat as you, was planning on waiting until the end of the year, but considering I can play 1080p flash videos in the browser, I’m not sure how much more power i need in my phone. My Motorola Milestone has now been donated to my girlfriend and i have a Galaxy S II for 18 months. I’ve got to admit i didnt even bother to try TouchWiz because I always use LauncherProPlus.

    2. Guys seriously I got one on tuesday and it is flipping immense. Speed…omg No need for custom roms anymore. + TouchWiz4 rocks.

  5. Too bad these “pre-orders” were made by CARRIERS and not customers:


    I wonder how many of these will actually wind up in the hands of CUSTOMERS? We all know how Samsung likes to play with numbers ;-) :


    1. HA!

      When i picked mine up last week. Every single person (5 of us) in Phones 4U was getting a Galaxy S2. I know this because they had to keep passing the demo round all of us. The guy said that the uptake had been phenomenal.

      Looking at your pathetic posts as well, you’re nothing but a deluded fanboy. Grow up, go out and get yourself some pussy, loser

    2. That’s because CARRIERS generally order based on perceived sales. If they didn’t think they could move the phones they would not order as much, it’s that simple.

      Not everyone is suckered into buying Apple’s garbage. Some actually see through the hype. By the time iSh*t 5 hits, it would already be outclassed.

      1. This from the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Turd. Hey John, I hear u can pick up a Galaxy Turd from Sprint or Tmobile for $199….could it be that carriers OVERESTIMATED the demand for that POS???? Hmmm?? Lol

  6. You guys in the US seem to really get screwed by your carriers. Seems they slow down the release of hardware and firmware while they figure ways to wring more cash out of their users. Mind you there is nothing stopping you ordering offshore.

  7. Ah, yes, my next phone. Just a question of “when”. You listening Verizon? Get on it!

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