CyanogenMod 7.0.3 Fixes Security Hole and Notification Bug, But Still No 2.3.4

Chris Soyars – a member of the CyanogenMod team – has announced a .3 update for the current stable version of CyanogenMod. No, folks, this is not 2.3.4. (But did you know you could get Google Talk with video anyway? More on that later.) This one fixes an “important” security hole and also fixes a bug with the update notifications system. They unfortunately cannot say what the security vulnerability is for quite some time but that’s because they want to make sure hackers won’t get their hands on that information and use it against everyone. You’ll want to apply this update ASAP, I imagine, so be sure to find it over at their mirror site now. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Note: This is NOT Android 2.3.4. That can be had in the nightlies. 7.0.3 is a part of the initial 2.3.3 release and incorporates more bug fixes. Chris Soyars has confirmed that 2.3.4 would come in CM7.1.

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  • RozJC

    I guess I’ll have to update when I get back from work.

    • Jdog25

      Good thing about my job is that I can update while at work. :)

      • B2L

        You lucky bastard, i want to update while at work. Guess I’ll just have to stick to posting on Phandroid while working.

        Looks like it’s time to update from 7.0.0 to 7.0.3 when i get home. :)

        • Patrick Washington

          This article is a bit misleading. While this update of 7.0.3 is technically 2.3, CM does have an update which is 2.3.4 which is the latest version to be released on a few phones. So CM does have 2.3.4 which the article says it doesn’t cause im running it right now.

          • B2L

            Which phones? Because i have a Nexus S and it would seem like it would be easiest for CM to port it for Nexus phones.

            I know that they had a nightly build for the Nexus S that had parts of 2.3.4. But it wasn’t the full update.

          • Patrick Washington

            I dont want to put out bad info but I assume any phone that is officially supported by CM has the updated 2.3.4 out there.

          • Lcg1519

            The article never said CM does not have 2.3. 4 just that the 7.0.3 update is not 2.3.4.

          • Alek Tritt

            Yeah, I’m running 2.3.4 on my G2.

          • Patrick Washington

            CyanogenMod 7.0.3 Fixes Security Hole and Notification Bug, But Still No 2.3.4

            title sure does make it seem like it hasn’t been put out there yet.

          • killerbee3

            Exactly. The ‘stable’ versions are 2.3.3 while the nightly support is for 2.3.4

            Not sure what is so confusing about it all

          • Steve Dudley

            You are running a Nightly.

          • DrMacinyasha

            There’s no /stable/ 2.3.4. That’s what the title is saying.

  • Jeremy

    When I flashed nightly 64 for evo it updated my version to 2.3.4 but going to the newest version brought me back down to 2.3.3 should I go back to nightly 64? Anyone else noticed this?

    • Patrick Washington

      I hope you wiped everything before you went to the nightly…or else you hosed your software and strange things will happen to your phone.

    • DrMacinyasha

      You should go back to your nandroid of 64. 7.0.3(.1) is technically “older” in version number, and has different kernels, etc.

    • lolobabes

      You only need to flash this update if youre on cm and below, nightly build 63 and up are a later update than 7.0.3, i have the build 63 and its 2.3.4 already

  • Jamdev12

    This is weird that you guys cannot update because you are at work. You guys have a 3g connection on the phone? Why not just click on the link and let it download in the background, move file downloaded from download dir to sdcard root, rename file to, press and hold power button reboot to recovery, select install update from screen, allow update from sdcard and then select install update from sdcard (deprecated), wait 3 minutes until update is complete then reboot and walla, you have new update.

    Now was that really hard that you had to wait to get home? I don’t think so!!!

    • DrMacinyasha

      Or just use ROM Manager. :P

  • Jeremy

    When I went to #64 I wiped dalvik cache but why is that necessary?

    • DrMacinyasha

      That’s necessary due to the fact that 7.1.x has a newer kernel in most devices than 7.0.x, as well as updated system apps.

  • Dick Hurtzer

    Why do people put this garbage on their phones?

    • thistimearound

      lolwut. You’re serious?

  • Seahawk

    Love cyanogen mod. That’s why I stay with hct. Can’t wait for the Htc pryamid (sensation)

    • Surge C.

      HTC Sensation will have a lock bootloader, So there will be no Cyanogen Mod, or any other Rom for months or never

      • Zebdor

        I believe it’s just locked and not encrypted. I read there was a difference between the two methods so the folks at XDA should be able to crack it. Hopefully :)

  • DYNK

    these guys can take their time. They deserve our patience.

  • Gonzi

    did they fix the 3G data connectivity issue? that was my only problem with Cyanogen on my Droid.