Google IO Giveaway: It’s Already Yours! [CONTEST]

In 2009, Google had an “Oprah Moment” and gave all 4,000 attendees at Google IO a brand new Google Ion. In 2010, Google hooked everyone up with an HTC EVO 4G. It’s 2011, and Google IO starts on Tuesday… what will Google surprise us with this year?

Whatever it is, YOU have the chance to win it and entering couldn’t be easier. That’s right, assuming Google includes members of the press in their giveaway (they have the past two years), whatever they give to me, I’ll be giving to one of you.


  • Sign up to the Phandroid Newsletter (look to the top right of this page)
  • Pray that we randomly select you out of all our newsletter subscribers (only 1 winner)
  • We’ll E-Mail the winner sometime on Tuesday, May 10th (so you must stay subscribed until at least then to benefit)
  • Please note: if the giveaway is of an unreleased device, we’ll be using it to conduct a review before sending to the winner


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This is your chance to say “I told ya so”! Vote in the poll but if you’ve got a specific hunch as to what Google will be giving away at Google IO… leave a comment!

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  • shabbypenguin

    Very nice. as a part of a Dev team i know we would love to play with a new unreleased device..

    • Jdog25

      Yeah and knowing Google it will be something good. The Google Ion was the first all touchscreen Android phone in the U.S. I sold mine for $100 when the Nexus One came out, my friend still uses it. Maybe it will be a Nexus tablet.

      Edit: I own two Nexus devices so I do know that at the moment none of the tablets can truly be called a Nexus device.

  • Jaestoner01

    I’ve been a subscriber for long time n until today I recv my new email ….hope is something good n pray I win

    • Jdog25

      I hope being one the original Phandroid OG’s helps. ^_^

  • Ira Kates

    For sure a tablet or maybe some stock?

  • Yoreel

    This would be amazing! :D

  • B2L

    Sounds awesome, i hope i win.

  • deltatko

    I think they will be giving out a variety of things this year since they are spreading themselves out so much. I would love to have anything really.

  • Craig Isakson

    Google should just give away a tablet, a phone, and a chrome product. :)

  • Matthew Goldman

    Awesome! Hope I win!

  • samuelmaskell

    for a second there I thought you were going to say that google had announced what they will be giving away or something.. I can’t wait for tuesday!

    also, didn’t they give out moto droids and nexus ones(depending on where you were from) last year as well as evo 4g’s?

    • teleclimber

      I believe they did. Phone + tablet this year?

      • Jdog25

        First it was one phone then two phones maybe next is two tablets.

  • Aztec


  • Lauradiann

    Nothing like getting something for free – I Hope To Be One Of The Lucky Winners.!!!!

  • Temporary101

    What prevents people from creating multiple email adresses to sign up with?
    Well either way I hope I win (as everyone does) and I’ll be happy with a tablet, chrome OS product or Google tv (set-top box). Or if it’s a new fancy stock android phone. If it isn;t a stock android phone…..hmmm then I might consider rooting it…..since I planned on having my next phone be a nexus 3 (Yes I am assuming Google wil release a Nexus 3 somehwere at the end of 2011 or start of 2012)

    • robjackson81

      We’ll be looking at IP addresses and other indicators to make sure nobody is gaming the system.

      • mitchell

        what if we added more then one email address ( i have 2) about 8 months ago? should i unsubscribe to one?

        • robjackson81

          Whatever you want to do my man. I prefer to roll the dice on the side of karma,but if you legitimately want both newsletter e-mails subscribed than its all good!

  • thegreatwaldopepper

    Cool !!!

  • NoBug

    i am in !!

  • Glen Wooldridge

    Google rocks!

  • Todd Landry

    Awesome! I’m going to Google IO myself so will refrain from being a dick.

    I read this today. Rumor that we may see a Nexus Tablet which we may receive at IO

    • Jdog25

      Nice find.

  • Chris

    Yes I am a Google Fan boy in the highest order!

  • Jens Zalzala

    I’m hoping for a tablet and am guessing that there will be a Chrome OS laptop.

    • James

      Im also thinking its going to be one of the chrome os laptops,google has been pretty quiet about them lately

  • Antonio Crocco

    just water damaged my N1 so anything would be amazing!

  • Erik Buček

    Is this giveaway limited by country?

  • Basshunter

    Here, a Google peep wants to win something.

  • Paul

    I expect it will be a tablet. HTC Flyer perhaps?

  • sthills

    Last year they gave people a droid and then either an EVO or Nexus depending on which country you were from.

    In December, they gave US attended a Google TV box.

  • cityboytech

    Nexus S 4G, or Galaxy S II.. something NFC equipped

  • gohaus

    You know I’ve been subscribed to the newsletter since the MyTouch 3G came out and I’ve never received an e-mail from you guys.

    • Paviktherin


  • Spoken Word™

    I love a mystery giveaway.

  • Pattyosten1978

    I don’t usually have much luck with giveaways, but hey, one never knows. Can’t win if you don’t play.

  • Allen Nobida

    im hoping it something that will compliment my atrix nicely…

  • NLA1023

    Just signed up from my EVO

  • Bryan Gottschalk

    Whew..finally let me log in and I forgot what I wanted to post..Hope I win..I don’t win often at all..It’s either win this or win a Gold Wing next weekend at the moment..Last time I won something was in Jr. High…A bright yellow schwin ten speed.

  • Jon

    This is awesome. I signed up for the newsletter even before there was anything given away. I wonder what does Google have in store for everyone this year?

  • bolastug

    im IN… :D

  • Lancewulf

    I should win. My birthday is the 8th, what would make a better gift?

  • John


  • Jinesh Gheeya

    First Honeycomb phone?

  • cds0699

    I hope its a tablet, and I hope I win… cuz I’ve been considering buying a tablet anyway :)

  • Tommy Thompson

    Just entered, hope I am not too late!!!

  • josh

    Tab 10.1!!! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!

  • Droidbeats

    Was a winner picked yesterday because there was no announcement?

  • mkslt04

    anything would be nice! =)

  • BryanGottschalk

    Woul be nice to hear an update. Is there a certain address I need to put on my whitelist so it doesn’t get sent to junkmail..should I win that is? I woudl surely hate to have lost something because f my stupid junkmail/spam box.

  • Rouel


  • Droid Beats

    Any update as to a winner?

  • Quake101

    What happen with this giveaway?

  • Kok Kee

     I’d really love a tablet for my work these days lol

  • Joshcordero2002

     Any reason why we haven’t heard about a winner for this contest?  An update would be nice since according to the post you guys were going to pick a winner on the 10th?   

  • Skygal

    What was the prize?  Who won?

  • gravy

    is there a winner yet?