T-Mobile Sidekick 4G and G2x Discounted to $29.99, $99.99 Respectively on Amazon [Deals]

Looking to grab up a couple of T-Mobile’s newest devices? The T-Mobile G2x is a 4 inch stock Android device with Froyo out of the box. It also has an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor inside and this thing makes it fly like a bird. That’s why I wouldn’t be mad at all to have to pay $99.99 for it – that’s how much Amazon is offering it for if you’re interested. (The phone normally costs $150 after a two-year agreement.) Likewise, the Sidekick 4G has gone on sale, down to $29.99 from its normal $79.99. Those looking to return to their teen years with Android at the helm will appreciate such an attractive price point. Two different colors – Pearl Magenta and Matte Black – are on sale for that price.

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  • Davis

    Wow, if only tmobile had coverage outside of tmobile stores this deal might actually tempt me…

  • Moses1983

    I looked on amazon.com but they are not selling them yet its there but wont let you buy them

    • george


  • KeIIer

    You will be able to get the G2X for free this Friday on a two year contract in store.

    • robjackson81

      Care to share you source buddy? Hit us up in the tips!

      • KeIIer

        I can’t provide solid proof. But I bought the G2x today on a two year and the girl told me to come back on Friday and she will be able to refund my money on the phone. She said there doing a special promotion on it on Friday. For mothers day I assume.

  • mooseknuckle

    Looks like a gs2/sensation announcement is in the coming week.

  • anthony

    Very funny t mobile coverage in the store only..
    Got a chuckle at 4am est
    I am looking to change to t m from Verizon $70 vs 150
    I am waiting for gs ll to come out before making a choice

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  • Bsmvp5

    Keller did the girl really tell you that? and is it only for New Customers?