China’s Meizu M9 Receives Speedy Gingerbread Update

Looks like those guys over at Meizu are on top of things these days. With the launch of their successful M9 many people wondered what the future of the device would hold for consumers. All of those fears can be put to rest with the Meizu M9 users receiving their first taste of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This came in the form of a downloadable update which I think more companies should start looking into seeing how it can get an update out to users quicker than waiting around for a carrier to push out an OTA. Just my two cents.

If you aren’t too familiar with the Chinese Meizu M9 I’ve gone ahead an provided a video of some of the unique UI elements in action.

Apparently, the update isn’t without it’s bugs and early adopters have been reporting back small annoyances like power and display issues. But given Meizu’s new track record, I’m sure they will be on top of offering a new update soon enough to deal with said issues. Now c’mon guys, I think its time to officially welcome Meizu users into the Android family.

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  • jgalan14

    Wow that some crazy ui looking like MIUI I wish they would make a phone for us carriers and working 3G and hopefully 4G definitely would get it

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, I had been following/drooling over this phone since way before it was released. It actually features a qHD display and was one of the first Android phones to offer it.
      I’m actually looking forward to slapping a port of this on my Evo 3D when it finally becomes available =D

      • KGBoston

        It’s actually higher than qHD, it’s a 16 million color 3.5-inch 960 * 640 resolution display, the only non iPhone one of its kind….

        • Chris Chavez

          Good. Gawd. I can’t believe I forgot =O

          • KGBoston

            Was the EVO port they did a while back not good?

  • phoenix

    i gotta admit, that ui is pretty sexy.

    • Chris Chavez

      +nine thousand

    • llescaflownell

      yeah, the ui is definitely sexy, would love to see this as a rom

      • Chris Chavez

        Since it has a qHD screen, most ports are weird. I’m hoping someone makes a great port of this for the Sensation/Evo 3D when they come out XD

  • Semajhan

    What the… I’ve never even heard of this phone.

    • Chris Chavez

      Its big in China.
      And that’s also why I included a video for you. I knew some people had never even heard of this awesome phone that came out months ago..

  • llescaflownell

    Wow, I am loving the lockscreen on this thing

  • Jason

    Ok so the title says Gingerbread which is 2.3, but the video starting at 1:35 shows the Android Version to be 2.2 which is Froyo….

    • Semianonymous

      You know that video isn’t meant to show off 2.3, but rather the unique UI elements as explicitly stated in the post, correct?

  • WickedToby741

    They can feel free to bring this to the US. It’d certainly have my attention.

  • Best Green Hosting

    Nice copy of the galaxy s!!..

    • Wuyuankai

      actually there’s a M8 before M9 ,which is before galaxy s release

  • Robert Cowan

    Cut Copy and Groove Armada? Someone listens to good music.

  • Yoyo

    meizu m9 and galaxy s II phone design look almost identical.

  • lozfromcorby

     I took a plunge and bought one off a chinese website last year, then spent 2 weeks waiting with worry that a) it would arrive and b) it would be worth the £270 i paid.

    It is worth it for the screen alone. The new 2.3 update is great too as it bring vectors to google maps! :D