Droid Line Gets a Pair of Branded Headphones from Motorola

It looks like the Droid line’s foray into accessories doesn’t end with the CommandOne Bluetooth headset. Motorola is reintroducing their S10-HD Bluetooth headphones complete with Droid branding and packaging. For a wallet munching $99.99, they’ll even throw in a special edition Droid armband. So far Motorola has been the only brand to grab the Droid name on their accessories, but Verizon seems keen on using the tag to push products that otherwise might not get much play.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Frank

    Uhhh for that rip the wallet in pieces price..no thanks!

  • AceCurry

    I have an S9-HD. Love it. S10-HD with Droid colors seems awesome.

  • Aaron soles

    If the price was about 70 bucks less I might take a look

  • ILikeBubbles

    Sounds like a sellout …

  • Aaron Berlin

    Amazon’s got the S10-HD, sans red highlights, for $65. I’ve got a pair and I love ’em.

  • http://profiles.google.com/irishpride1183 jake sirlin

    Those are ugly as sin

  • Spanki

    lol but you also get a Droid armband! Give us a quad-core Droid Tab

  • Bela

    This is a bluetooth pair of headphones. The price is about on par with bluetooth headphones. I just love how everyone is ripping on them and have no idea how they sound. Seem like they would be nice for jogging, biing, or other strenuous activity to me…

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.gilboy Richard Gilboy

    How do they sound? Would be great for exercise.

    • darkjuan

      I had the S9 HD’s and the sound I thought was really good, however after using them to workout for about 2 weeks they shorted out on me. They say they’re supposed to be sweat proof, but I guess they can’t stand up to my sweat!

    • YankyMyWanky

      I had the S10-HDs paired with a Nexus S. They work and do the trick, but I thought the sound was less that desired; I returned them and will look at others.

  • Paulzphone

    Scratch that, if you want an AWESOME sounding stereo bluetooth, get the lg from sprint store….it wraps around your neck and you unmagnetize the buds and put em in your ear….great controls, great sound,great feel…..oh yeah….great price…$69

    • darkjuan

      Unmagnetize?? What are they called? I’m looking for a good set for my workouts.

      • Paulzphone

        It’s called lg hbs-700… check on sprint website… i am a total tmobile fan, but they had no idea what a stereo bluetooth was…. lol… but as always, I shop for the best quality first, then decent price second…. i ended up with the best of both worlds… lemme know Whatchu think.

  • Sthompson699

    I just picked up a pair of Motorola (motorokr s305) for $35.00 on amazon. Great sound with volume control, pause, skip, phone answer etc. If you’re like me and don’t like the feel of ear buds then you might like these ear pad style. Motorola droid x

  • roebling

    Don’t waste your money. I bought a pair and they were great for a couple of months, then the battery died. It’s not user replaceable.
    Don’t buy this crap.

  • Tarik

    I have a pair of S9’s and they’re awesome. I love them.
    However, they aren’t sweat-resistant like they make them out to be.
    I’m currently expecting my 4th repaired pair from Motorola. And their customer service is just awful! But when they work they’re pretty darn good!

  • Jeff432

    $99 is insane

  • Simon


    I’ve owned these for almost a year now. They are fantastic for listening to podcasts while jogging. Audio quality is good but not great for music.