Acer Iconia Tab A500 Rooted

Looking to root that Android 3.0 from Acer called the Iconia Tab A500? The folks at XDA were working to bring this to you ASAP – as they always seem to do – and have publicized the root method used to achieve deeper access to Android. In time, custom ROMs and other hacks and mods are expected to surface just as they did for the Motorola XOOM. Make your way to XDA if you need to get your root up and running.

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  • ajavgeek

    Great news!, Thanks to Devs out there working on this one. I would like to buy ACER but just not sure about weight between, ACER and ASUS. Any one who has used both, please advise?

    • rushmore

      They are about an ounce differnet, but the Acer has USB host and micro usb connectors on the tablet. To get the same connectivity on the Asus, you need the keyboard, which adds over a pound, cimpared to the Acer.

      • rushmore

        My typos suck more than normal.

      • ajavgeek

        Cool, now I am in confusion, ACER or ASUS, the price is so close, I guess I have to go to store and play with it,

        Looking at sales figures, ASUS is flying out just on the basis of price, not sure if there are any other differences, than you what you have mentioned.

        • YamiYaiba

          Get the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. I’m presently lusting for one lol

          • ajavgeek

            Yep, BB disappointed big time. When I ordered the rep said, it will be shipped in 3-5 days, now it is not till mid-may….

            I don;t want to wait any longer, seems like it will never end. :) :)

  • krell

    Great news! If anything, this is valuable just to be able to ditch all the crapware that Acer loaded on this thing.

  • Dfdsfndsjf

    somehow this seems much better than the craps samsung or apples making lol,

    apple seems like its samsungnizing lol,,,,,

  • rushmore

    To me there is not much bloatware, especially comapred to the Xoom and VZW phones. The media apps are very useful and the three games it ships with (Shift, Lets Golf HD and Sparta) are full versions an fun.

  • rushmore


    Depends if you prefer the connectivity on the tablet, or would like a keyboard and do not mind the extra weight the keyboard has to get the usb host. Then again, people that want a keyboard integrated are best to get the Asus Trans.

  • David Rozas6667

    Using an a500 right now and I love it. The only cavet I have is the market for apps is soooo small. I am not a patient man.

  • Tim

    I would have gotten a Transformer if they were available, mostly for the additional savings, although the keyboard dock is also interesting.
    I ended up getting the Acer because I had a Best Buy certificate that expires soon and couldn’t wait on the hopes that ASUS’ 3rd production batch wouldn’t sell out as fast as the first two did.
    Still, I’m quite happy w/ the Acer (have an Acer notebook and a couple Acer monitors), especially with having the USB host on-board (not on the keyboard dock).
    I’m also used to early technology so I don’t freak out when apps crash on launch (I rarely have apps FC once they’re actually running). Hopefully 3.1 will fix some stability.
    Meanwhile, my Iconia A500 is happily rooted and I’ve fixed the WiFi so it can connect to ad-hoc networks as well as infrastructure, quite important due to my other Android device’s not having outgoing infrastructure capabilities.

    • Neil

      Tim, I just bought the Acer A500 and i’m trying to tether through my motorola droid 1. it will not run in ad hoc as i’ve rooted my droid phone. I’ve read some forums and would love to know how i can allow my acer to communicate and access web anywhere using my droid 1 phone. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.