Samsung Galaxy S II Launches in South Korea; Headed to T-Mobile USA?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is making its way to store shelves in South Korea starting today. Samsung originally promised a late April date and – just as promised – they delivered. Folks in the United Kingdom will have to wait until May 1st but that isn’t too long of a wait for what looks to be one of – if not the – fastest devices on the market. Here’s something that may be of interest to our American readers, though.

Adobe has apparently taken it upon themselves to out the device on their website with suggestion that it’ll be going to T-Mobile. Inside of a picture of a laptop is a picture of a website. That website is T-Mobile USA’s. And inside the picture of that website is a picture of none other than the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Is this just Adobe playing tricks with folks? Or do they know more than any of us? Who knows, but considering the Galaxy S II is expected to hit every major carrier in the US (either under its original name or a carrier-specific one), we won’t doubt the accuracy. [via TmoNews]

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  • chimphappyhour

    Maybe Adobe is just showing off what one could do with their Photoshop suite. :P

  • Sophie Morgan

    Hey…great to know about it…what is the exact price of the device..can anyone suggest and about the deals too..should i go for as i wanna buy one at a reasonable price….thanxxx

  • Anthony Evans

    its coming to all 4 carriers like before old news you really need a bad picture to confirm it?

  • fredphoesh

    I wonder if the Korean version has NFC? I’d bet it does… ebay imports from Korea maybe?

  • Quboid

    Not everyone in the UK has to wait – Phones 4 U got some in yesterday, although I happen to know my local branch sold out within an hour. I also happen to know that it is a fantastic phone :D

    • Ianch247

      I was the first lucky person to get one from my local store :) they also sold out within 2 hours

  • Ianch247

    In the uk i got mine yesterday from phones4u.

    All i can say is wow, its an exceptional phone.

  • Tq745

    Crossing fingers it comes to tmobile soon.

  • amygjung

    Great share and many Koreans are very excited! Make sure to come by project Advanced Technology and Design Korea’s blog ( for more related info. The Facebook ( and the twitter ( always have up-to-date news as well. Have a good one and happy Friday from Korea!

  • Springuw

    If this isn’t out in the US soon I’m going for an Atrix … I’m tired of waiting

  • PsychoEpsilon

    This needs to come out to the U.S. right now! Samsung please announce the release date for the US variants. I am so tired of hearing rumors and searching for any signs of a date for all the carriers.