Motorola Droid 3 Screen Assembly Arrives at Reseller, Reps Front Facing Camera

Global Direct Parts, a reseller of OEM components for mobile devices, is now listing the Motorola Droid 3 screen assembly for sale, complete with pictures of the LCD and casing. You can’t actually buy the item as the site lists it as out of stock and by all accounts the launch of the Droid 3 is still a few months away, but the listing provides us with a clear look at what will make up the top half of the latest in the Droid lineup, complete with ample room for a front facing camera.

The product page goes into details about some of the other differences we can expect, from everything from the location of the screen’s digitizer to the re-arranging of the sensor array and speaker to accommodate the FFC. A larger, 4-inch screen takes the place of the 3.7-inch display found on the Droid and Droid 2. Gone is the bump out beneath the screen, creating a more flush design with relocated capacitive navigation keys.

It is strange that the part is listed for resale so far before the expected late summer release date, but then again it is also strange that the handset is associated with the Targa codename. Up until now we have heard Targa to be associated with a device that may take over as the Droid Bionic. We wouldn’t put too much stock in the use of the codename here.

[Global Direct Parts via DroidLife]

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  • ReadDanielQuinn

    Oh I HOPE it has LTE!!!

  • Cipher Zero

    I wish it would come with an unencrypted/unlockable bootloader and an LTE radio. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that will be the case. I bought the TBolt because I was up for a renewal and I wanted to lock in to $30/month LTE figuring if a phone with a physical qwerty, LTE, and a non-encrypted bootloader comes along, I’ll just buy it when it the time comes. I’m happy with the TBolt thus far, but I still prefer physical qwertys. I loved my OG Droid, it was so easy to root, very dev-friendly, and had (has) a massive dev-community support. Then, in the D2, they addressed the memory issue, and had a better keyboard layout – and proceeded to encrypt the bootloader and put all kinds of crap on it. It would be great to see the D3 be a true successor to what the D1 was and was about, but I just don’t see it happening. I would be thrilled if Moto proved me wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • CNachoZ

      No No…wasn’t there word that Moto will be having an unencrypted bootloader sometime toward the end of this year???

      • Cipher Zero

        LOL. Yes, but I don’t believe a word of it. When I see Moto release the bootloaders, I’ll believe it. They said “later this year” or “late 2011″. BS, there is no reason they would need that long. I also don’t blame the carriers – the Thunderbolt doesn’t have an encrypted bootloader, i.e., so I doubt that VZW, at least, cares that much. I know Sprint and TMo apparently aren’t bothered by unencrypted bootloaders. I can’t say anything about AT&T – they don’t even like people side-loading apps, they probably specifically asked Moto to use an encrypted bootloader on the Atrix. If it was possible and legal, they would probably have their (your) phones rigged to explode if rooting were attempted.

  • Jghosh

    I think the Droid 3 will be my next phone, for sure. A lot of people insisted I get the Thunderbolt or the Incredible 2, but I’m not much of a fan of htc and Moto always has better build quality and reception (despite having Blur and the other problems). Even so, I’m sure XDA will find a way to have this thing running stock even if it’s not like having custom roms on other phones.

  • ILikeBubbles

    Because we need more Droid x lookalikes …

    • Alex Everingham

      I think you’re the only one confusing this with Droid X. There’s a significant lack of physical buttons on this one.

    • NukkaYarrell

      yes because the OG Droid copied the Droid X a year before it even came out. Fucking tard bubble.

  • Alex Everingham

    I hope this is 4G. If so, i’ll probably get this. I love physical keyboards.

  • pyrofreak

    This will be my next phone hands down no questions i dont care if its 4g or not. i have an og droid and i love it.

    • roxxosteen

      +1 but only if moto holds to their unencrypted bootloader promise.

    • Dean

      Same, I’ve had my OG Droid for awhile now with CM7

      Was about to get the Droid 2 but hated moto-blur and the update just wasn’t worth it. Hopefully they keep it vanilla and easy to ROM :)

      • Del373

        My next phone is either a member of the upcoming Droid line-up (Bionic, X2, Droid 3, etc) or perhaps the Targa and if not any of those I’ll get the next official Google Experience phone.

        …if they ever make a nexus-esque device for Vzn.

  • CNachoZ

    color…size…curved edges…remove the capacitive touch buttons on the bottom of the phone and replace it with a circular home button and you have a…O lord, I smell an Apple lawsuit on the way…

    • NukkaYarrell

      All I smell is nacho breath. Don’t bring Crapple into this, fangirl.

      • CNachoz

        well well…i guess some people cant take a joke. Im sorry if i hurt your uterus Nukka.if you run away, your father wont be able to beat you and your mother anymore…

  • Droidfever321

    If this has LTE it will be my next phone. I have been waiting for a 4g, 5 row keyboard, and front facing camera phone for awhile. Passed on the Epic 4g and the sidekick 4g….this one looks like the one!

  • TheScientists

    Please Moto……..unlocked bootloader, vanilla Android, 1GB RAM, dual core CPU…….sell millions.

  • jroc74

    I thought all Verizon phones that had FFC were LTE? Never mind, I see the Inc 2 has one…

    Damn, so there is a chance it doesnt have 4G…

  • toomuchgame441

    Its no Evo 3D. But you guys don’t care do you?

    • NukkaYarrell

      no, DicardYarrell… no EVO.. and no shitty Sprint.

      • toomuchgame441

        You sound like your hating on me because I’m winning.

  • And Roid

    I got to play with the Droid 3 last night. It does have a front facing camera, it also has a qHD screen. It was running Gingerbread motoblur. Since it was a developer model, the ui was kind of laggy. It has a nice weight to it, but kind of feels plasticky. and it still does have a bump at the bottom, just not as big. When u slide the screen u can see it, a little less when the screen is slid in.

    • Droidfever321

      any word on LTE?

      • And Roid

        There was no LTE present, like I said it was a developer phone so it could change. The camera wasnt even working when I tried to take pictures, it would fc. You guys will see it will be released with Gingerbread Motoblur, which was very laggy…prolly cause its still early software. The games from this developer wouldn’t even run yet on the phone, causing it to crash and having to pull the battery.

    • NukkaYarrell

      I got to play with your mom last night too. But then we both woke up. Quit lying, DoucheRoid.

      • And Roid

        Nukka? Yeah, I Fukka yo mom too!

  • HAAmmert1m3

    +1 to the scientists.. 4g, dual core, 1gb+ ram, slide out keyboard.. front-facing camera.. meh no one wants to see my ugly mug. i just want the fastest phone available with a slide out keyboard.

  • John Fah-q Smith

    Agreed. I may even pay full price if it had dedicated numbers… IF they keep the unlocked/unencrypted bootloader, and Bluetooth working like the Droid1 did(, NOT THE 2!).

  • Best Green Hosting

    The same old boring design!!..

  • MrC1122

    if u guys read the write-ups…no 4g on D3! hope it has 1g processor tho.