G2 Gingerbread, HTC Flyer ROMs Leak; HTC Flyer WiFi Hits FCC

911 Sniper keeps things rolling as they’ve leaked new ROMs that I’m sure will be highly sought after. First off is the T-Mobile G2 – yes, folks, it’s getting Gingerbread and they already have a build for developers to download and get to work on. And if you folks want something for devices a bit bigger in size, they’ve also somehow gotten their hands on the HTC Flyer’s ROM. Could be a nice piece of software for owners of non-Honeycomb tablets to play with until Google releases the source code for Android 3.0 Find both at 911 Sniper here and here. [Android Central]

Oh, and one more note about that HTC Flyer – a WiFi version of the tablet has hit the FCC recently. It has WiFi and Bluetooth, but lacks radios for connectivity on cellular networks. We don’t expect it to be much different from the version introduced at Mobile World Congress. (Which could very well have been the WiFi model, actually.) [Engadget]

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  • lugnut667

    So how long after this point does it typically take before they will push Gingerbread OTA for my “stock” G2?

  • gjhgu

    finally, only android I want. got a incredible that I don’t plan on upgrading, its perfect for me. if I don’t want an upgrade then I don’t d/l it, I controlled everything about it. as for the flyer, my daily laptop is 1.something gigs and it works fine. I want control not superspeed on a flawed system.