Samsung Galaxy S II with NFC Inside Available for Pre-Order in South Korea

The UK isn’t the only part of the world that will receive the Samsung Galaxy S II very soon. Samsung’s native South Korea now has access to the first pre-order for the anticipated device on service provider KT. The bigger news here is that the South Korean market will be one of several to receive NFC support built into their version of the Galaxy S II. It comes at the cost of a slightly thicker handset measuring 8.9mm, a girth that hopefully won’t take away from the recent commercials showing off the S II’s slim design. NFC services will be linked directly to KT’s Olleh Touch service, the associated payment system. Right now that gives users NFC purchasing powers in at least one location, local grocery store Lotte Mart. The dual-core superphone is sure to be a hit in Korea, just as was the original.

[via Engadget]

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  • MarcusDW

    I’m gonna hold my breath until the day I found out it’s coming to T-Mobile USA. Even if that ends up being September it’s worth the wait.

    • ahoyMaddy

      RIP PimpStrong.

  • Dennis Tai

    I’m confused… So with NFC chip the GS2 would be at 8.9mm thick? I thought that with all the features (NFC included) the phone would be at 8.49.
    Not that any of that’s gonna stop me from buying it though ;)

  • Paddytan

    Is a very good phone, I just hope that battery is longer lasting.