Pre-Order the Samsung DROID Charge From Wirefly and LetsTalk Today for $250

Our friends at and have pinged us to let us know that the Samsung DROID Charge is available for pre-order and will ship in time for the device’s April 28th launch on Verizon. Both will be offering it for $50 less than what Verizon’s asking for – you’ll walk away with it for $250.

It’s Verizon’s first Samsung-made DROID phone and their second 4G LTE device. Although this phone doesn’t have Galaxy S branding, it’s just as much a part of the Galaxy S family as any other device. It shares a lot of the same internals as the Samsung Fascinate but stretches the screen out to 4.3-inches. You can put your order in at Wirefly here, and LetsTalk’s can be had here.

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  • fillyo


  • dc0717

    I have a Samsung fascinate do not buy Samsung products they take ages to get out updates and have horrible customer service I think its a recording

  • allansm

    This phone should be no more than $149 with a contract.

  • rushmore

    If justice exists, this will sell VERY poorly.


    Why do people keep complaining about updates? 2.1 was not THAT much different from 2.2 all you get is flash support, which is not that special anyway, cause its always choppy. The quality of the screen is superb compared to moto and the others. That alone should be enough reason to love Samsung. Have you seen how sh1tty the HTC Thunderbolt’s screen is? Looks as bad as the G1 phone from 2008! HTC needs to step up their game on screens, if they want my money. My D2G screen is more responsive, and looks sharper. The HTC screen looks blurry, and dim, almost transparent. But the screen on the Charge is stunning. So stop crying about getting your updates on time, go root your phone and install custom ROM’s

  • Richard Yarrell

    Disgraceful opening price, Disgraceful carrier, Disgraceful manufacturer, Wirefly and let’s talk are kool that’s for sure

  • Andy

    Since Verizon got the iPhone, they stopped subsidizing the Android phones as much. Someone needs to pay for Verizon’s loyalty to Apple. Anyone else notice that all of the ‘cheap’ data plans ($15 for phone, $20 for tablet) are now gone…unless you have an apple device.

  • GoodNote

    I love how all these people are so certain they know what specific smartphones should cost and what various wireless services should cost. Do you folks have ANY idea what the cost of the materials, manufacturing, marketing, quality control, R&D are for these devices — devices that for a few hundred bucks that do things that would’ve only been dreamed of in science fiction not so long ago … And by the way, the lower the price, the lower the wages paid to working people all up and down the chain. But go on, keep carping about the price.

    • Cenarl

      well the fact that you could get a thunderbolt over the weekend for 130 subsidized should tell you all you need to know. These phones are just rehashes of last years phones with mild improvements that come with the manufacturing process (that are selling for crazy prices).

      This phone’s price will drop off the face of the earth once early adopters get their lube ready.

      And im sure it’ll be pretty hard to lower the wages, since im sure most of the workers assembling these are already working for sunflower seeds.

      And on a final note 250 at a third party for this phone is pretty discouraging for those looking to get a galaxy S2 at launch…being their high-end dual core what the **** is that going to cost at (U.S.) launch lmao.

  • M.K.
    This is unacceptable, Richard.

    • Kevin


    • Cenarl

      lol Is this a clever mock up ??

      • squiddy20

        If it were just about Richard, I’d most likely say yes. But this includes info about other people and is way too detailed to be a clever mock-up (unfortunately). Not to mention The Bowery Mission is a real organization. I’m just… stunned…

  • rushmore

    Nightscout, not sure what device you use, but Flash okays great on my Inc 1 and gTablet.

    Also, 2.1 five times less efficient than 2.2, so you are incorrect

  • paxmos

    Too Expensive!!!! for an ugly phone like this even when LTE available…On a contract???? No sir…

  • nate

    so 1 st off this is not the first samsung-made droid phone, i Have the fascinate , which is ANDROID + Verizon + Samsung – , yes the screen is beautiful but thats about it , reception is total garbage, updates take forever , we just got 2.2(froyo) a few days ago, and whoever said all you get is flash in 2.2 is a moron, 2.2 is a significant update esp. with the JIT Compiler which enhances performance as well as other well known improvements I am not listing feel free to research. Samsung will not get my money again because of the lack of support and how they treat their customers. I will not be buying another samsung phone , or tv, blu ray player, or anything samsung for a long long time. But again , the screen is pretty…

  • Tuggy24g

    No buddy buy this. All this is a 2010 phone with an LTE Radio added. There is no new features and nothing special about it. Samsung does not care about there customers. All they want to do is make a quick bucks off of stupid people who do not truly know about the this. ON top of everything they brand it DROID to make people think this is a great phone since it has DROID in it.
    So lets stick it to samsung and has this thing have poor sales. That way it will hurt them the most and it will give them the message that they can’t just throw a fast one on the customers. Also try to sell a 2010 phone as a 2011 LTE phone.

  • MensahWatts

    IT. Looks like imaybe starting atrend with Alol looking how Kevin on comment number 4 surely copied off of me….

  • MensahWatts

    Oh and goodnote…most companies over charge like Apple …its called rich insurance … making millions off one product is more than enough to pay workers…to continue to over charge on each new thing…made is how the tech companies make billions…same goes for cellphone. Service providers… just to let you know y0

  • MensahWatts

    Sorry comment 12 clearly copied me not four…Kevin. noones OG anymore it seems…or not many …but its cOolish to use a word iguess long as you don’t act like you made it up…y0.