Google to Introduce Video Calling for Android 2.3.4 at I/O 2011

A guy by the name of Saad (@MAFiA303 on Twitter) who apparently “works with Samsung,” made a video call today using the Gtalk app on Android 2.3.4 with his Nexus S. He was generous enough to share his experience on Twitter and noted that “impressive video quality” as well as I/O 2011 which leads us to believe Google will be officially announcing this hot new feature at I/O this year.

With Google’s latest developer phone coming equipped with a front facing camera, many of us have been expecting a native video calling app for Android since before Gingerbread had been made official. While I haven’t heard too much as far as rumors go for Google I/O this year, I can tell you that almost the entire Phandroid team will be attending and bringing you the very latest as it develops. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited to make my homage to the motherland.

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  • Jdog25

    Hellz Yeah

    • Calvin Williams

      I was kinda hoping I/O would introduce Ice Cream which is supposed to be mix of Honeycomb and Gingerbread. 2.3.4 doesn’t sound like Ice Cream :(

      • Jdog25

        Don’t worry last year they released Froyo but also showed us some of Gingerbread and beyond. They will probably release Ice Cream with the Nexus 3 around winter time.

        • Keller

          That’s ghey. Who want’s ice cream when it’s cold outside…

          • Jdog25

            I do.

          • Keller

            So 90 is cold for you?

          • Jdog25


  • DaSofter8

    Final-Fuckinly. Now us Evo/MT4G/Epic/ G2x/Thunderbolt/Atrix users can use our damn ffc!

  • Chimphappyhour

    Woo hoo! Now I’ll definitely be picking up a tablet and hoping they push this out to the tablets too. As for my phone, I might as well wait and see what the next Nexus holds… and that darn merger.

    • Keller

      Umm…… Tablets have had video calling through gtalk since release……. It’s native in honeycomb……

  • Hobok

    2.3.4 eh? Even more reason to track the I/O 2011 festivities once they begin!

    • Jdog25

      You needed a reason?

  • jgalan14

    I’m not convinced yet till I see it , and idk why would thy take so long to release this in this, nexus s been out for a while now

    • Jdog25

      They’re Google it’s pretty common by now.

      • Curtis Dietz


        • Jdog25

          What are you talking about??? :P

  • Jeff432

    When is 2.4 expected to come?

    • Jdog25

      Way before winter.

    • Zomby2D

      From what I’ve read lately, 2.3.3 is the 2.4 release everyone was previously talking about.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Hope this happens the time has come to dump qik, tango,and all the others. I’m surprised they just didn’t use youtube for this video chat feature

  • bri

    I wish there was some way to install a front facing camera on my n1. I like it more than the nexus s :*(

    • Mikexilva

      There is a small gadget with mirrors that can help with that ;)

      • gad

        where can i get one of this

    • Sthompson699

      You don’t need a front facing camera. Just stand in front of a mirror, ha.

  • Truthy1

    Where is my hardware acceleration?

  • romanl123

    Will this require 2.3.4, or can I just update the Gtalk App?

  • ewlung

    I was expecting 2.4 (bigger updates) rather than 2.3.4 (smaller updates).

    Something like video acceleration on launcher.

  • fredphoesh

    well Good!
    Skype have been so damned slow at pulling their proverbial fingers out of their less proverbial butts that I am glad Google may just make skype on android redundant.

  • Raghavendra

    Yup, can see how a random tweet by a random guy warrants a whole article including the title of
    Google to Introduce Video Calling for Android 2.3.4 at I/O 2011.
    Of course, when you have absolutely no real source, you’ve got to make do with fantasyware like this.

  • gad

    i hope this will not require an update,cos it will take forever for the OEM’s and networks to release the updates.Am hoping it is released as an App

  • Gutscheincode

    This is not a big deal; People have been video chatting for years before apple decided to call it face time to make it sound like they invented it. i remember my first video chat was from a nokia phone.