Download: Galaxy S II Live Wallpapers

The Galaxy S II has been in the hands of quite a few folks outside of Samsung now and you had to guess that a system dump would be in the pipeline. We don’t get the full plate of things such as ringtones and static wallpapers, but we do get several very nice live wallpapers from the device.

Rawat from XDA has them here, and you should already know what to do with them after you download them. (Just make sure you enable third-party application installs in Settings > Applications.) [via SmartKeitai]

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  • NoBug

    Anyone knows what that battery indicator App/Widget on the Notification Bar is?!

    • Erick Bernal

      Thats Part Of The Rom He Is Using.

      • NoBug

        Ok, thanks

    • Lolobabes

      Try uotkitchen, you can cook different batt indicators

  • Chris Chavez

    Galaxy S II livewallpapers??!? My Evo can barely run Galaxy ONE livewallpapers. This would kill my phone. Lol

    • Swazedahustla

      Hmmm how could it run LP when it got ran over by a car. EVO FTW till the Evo 3d comes out.

  • B2L

    I’ll try these out on my Nexus S.

  • edoggy

    Works good on Nexus One!

  • Sewred

    Working nicely on my Epic.

  • Jc1027

    Both work great and smooth on MyTouch slide

  • @Knowscott

    Not as impressive seeing it running, could use a few more frames to make it more smooth.

  • su2lly

    Have it running on the original droid but it’s plugged in to a wall charger. I guess I’ll find out how well it works or how long the battery lasts when I head home.

  • RozJC

    They’re pretty awesome on my Desire Z

  • riceman

    sweet wallpapers. works on the Atrix, but since it is WVGA it looks like crap on it. I want this phone, but why did they keep the res WVGA? are there no qHD AMOLED screens yet?

  • Viper43

    Works perfectly on my EVO.

    • Lolobabes

      Downloaded and installed last night very nice, funny thing though both are now $1 each on the market. Something like beach or sky lwp roflmao