T-Mobile G2x: Gingerbread Coming Soon, Stock Screenshot Capabilities, Early Cyanogen Mod 7 Port Surfaces

What a nice round of news regarding the T-Mobile G2x this weekend. There’s a lot here so grab some popcorn and stick with me. Firstly, T-Mobile has confirmed that the device will certainly be getting Android 2.3 – we expected as much. And they say we won’t have to wait very long for it either – we expected that, too, considering it’s a stock Android device.

Secondly, if you didn’t know, this thing can take screenshots out of the box. No need to root it and install ShootMe. (Though we’d still recommend going that route as ShootMe is a very sweet app.) Not sure how many of you will find value in this, but it’s always nice to know that it’s there. Simply hold down the power and home buttons simultaneously.

Finally, if you’d rather inject your brand new dual-core smartphone with some CyanogenMod 7, you most likely won’t have to wait long – folks are already working on adapting the ROM to the T-Mobile G2x. Cyanogen hasn’t announced official support just yet, but if the developers responsible for the port can get it stable enough then I’m sure it won’t take long before it sits on Cyan’s official device list. [via Brief Mobile, PocketNow and IntoMobile, respectively]

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  • v8dreaming

    CWM recovery is now in rom manager for G2x.

  • Calvin Williams

    One thing I don’t like about this phone is that the bottom bezel is HUGE.

    • fryhole

      It’s much less of an eyesore in person thankfully.

    • http://twitter.com/teleknEsis Kyle Miller

      I think it’s either love or hate. Coming from the N1 I actually like the bottom bezel because it makes the capacitive buttons more distinguished (farther from the screen) and there’s less misfires. It could be a little smaller, but it really doesn’t bother me

  • http://briefmobile.com/ Korey Nicholson

    Yay! Glad I spotted it ;)

    • MtnDew

      Yes the whole word thanks you for something you spotted.

      It’s not like it was on twitter over a month ago or anything

      • http://briefmobile.com/ Korey Nicholson

        Funny thing is, it was just posted last night lol

        • MtnDew

          Funny thing is, last night wasn’t “31 Mar”


          • http://briefmobile.com/ Korey Nicholson

            Definitively not what I’m talking about at all. I’m an editor for BriefMobile.com


          • MtnDew

            So you are referring to T-Mobile saying Gingerbread is coming soon? The same thing they have been saying since they announced the phone? Oh well, thanks so much then…

            Lose the ego kid, you didn’t ‘do’ anything. You read a tweet that reiterated a point that has been made since the phone’s announcement and wrote a ‘blurb’ on it.

          • http://briefmobile.com/ Korey Nicholson

            I was being sarcastic in the first comment and you took it way too far

  • tomnewtn

    I love that the bezel gives me something that isn’t SCREEN to hold onto! Beautifully made and styled.

  • Semianonymous

    aaaaaand sold. Gonna hold out until google i/o just in case a new nexus is announced/revealed/vaguely hinted at (long shot, I know, but its only what, two weeks from now?). By then, there will probably cyanogen officially on it as well. Life is sweet.

  • Russ

    Misleading tweet… no Cyanogenmod port here, early or otherwise.

    • http://www.HowardFamilyStudios.com/ Wayne Howard

      This comment is misleading. He already has the phone and has posted pics and videos of it running.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nothing beats sprints industry leading 21st and 22nd 4g devices http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Vqi8a_swg

    • Myblacfriend01

      Not that sweet, what they should have did was make a better battery that will last more then 2 hours with a switch to change from battery drain. You won’t ever make out past lunch if you don’t have a charger at hand, at all times. Better battery, better 21st devices

    • Garet

      except having a network that actually has 4G coverage where you live…. I would love to get the EVO3d but Sprints coverage is terrible where I am at and everyone I know who has sprint loves their phone (Evo) but hates their service……

  • DemonWav

    If it becomes official CM7 that has nearly nothing to do with if it is stable enough. Its all about the build process not breaking the other phones. It will obviously become stable after nightlies so that’s not that big of a problem.

  • http://twitter.com/timmyjoe42 tim bennett

    Can someone post a link to T-Mobile’s tweet where they confirmed this?

  • Wilco

    I would NOT root to gain screen grabs. The stock screen grab is a simple utility, that works perfectly.

    Loving my G2X, and look forward to GB. However, I started seeing my phone spontaneously reboot yesterday (after four days). Hoping TMO/LG have a fix.

    • tq745

      my g2x just randomly shuts off on me…i was work to late because it shut off and i had my alarm set…but i think this is an isolated incident. i’m exchanging it first thing tomorrow. other then that this phone is a beast

  • mikeyd

    @1 its a known bug with a fix after Easter according to the Danish LG guys. There’s a thread on xda with more info. Its in the optimus 2x sub forum.

    • chimphappyhour

      Who is this in reply to? There are no numbers and voting can change placements.

      • Blahbot90

        Probably the battery drain

  • monlosez

    Best phone out right now. Many developers are going for this phone.

    • Aztec

      Some of the best are getting this device.
      Showing some Tmo love

      • Jason

        Hopefully with CyanogenMod it will be less buggy and more responsive. My friend just got one and it restarts randomly and slows down too.


    all the ANDROID device makers should learn from MOTOROLA.

    loud ringers, loud alarms, loud audio, rock steady bluetooth and wifi. great signal grabbing.

    as long as MOTO keeps doin’ what they’re doin’ i’ll never buy another HTC or samsung.

    gingerbread don’t mean squat if you can’t even her the phone ring while driving.

    • smc29

      um.. it’s LG

      • MIKEEEEE

        sorry, i assumed it would have been an HTC.

        regardless, if it don’t ring as loud as my DEFY, keep it.

        i’ll patiently wait for my DEFY2.

        • phoenix

          i have the n1 and all my ringtones are all super loud. i don’t know what you’re talking about. try using a ringtone that’s not in itself a quiet one.

          • MIKEEEEE

            i have a ringer called ‘copsiren’ that i downloaded from myxer and i can hear it about 50 feet away.

            trust me, in an 18 wheeler traveling @60 mph a MOTO ANDROID is the only one that can be heard.

            tmobile’s customer service can attest to that by all the returned phones i’ve given them.

            i gave them back a g-2 after 3 days and have since been using my DEFY.

            if i need more services than my DEFY can provide i just whip out my thinkpad when standing still.

            dbcad, i can’t reply to your post but, i can edit mine here goes.

            if you were in a big truck and you were speaking on a cellphone and you were not using a blue parrot headset, you sounded like you were in a wind tunnel.

            before i retired, i was on a 5000 minute plan and regularly used up over 4000 minutes.

            i started driving a truck in 1963 and still do 2 days weekly for cigar and ANDROID money.

          • dbcad7

            What they heck are you driving ?.. I drove for awhile, and other than the really old crap I learned on at driving school, all the rigs I have been in were not noisy enough that this would be the problem you make it out to be.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tocci-Zhang/1037011437 Tocci Zhang

      And locked bootloader, precious!!

    • B. Robidieu

      And they announced tonight they’re unlocking bootloaders for new Moto devices. Very cool, Moto, looks like you read those polls you posted!

  • Nick

    IPhone copycat (screenshot) .

    • SladeNoctis

      I guess Iphone copied the Sidekick since it had this feature long before the Iphone was discussed. Go troll somewhere else.

      • Trondroid

        AMEN!!!!!!!! I freaking hate iPhone Nut grabbers!!

  • Ma

    quentyn you douche, where are the early “ports”?

  • Jaestoner01

    Love the phone
    IPhone copy cat ……..??? Dahhhjj the iPhone is not dual core ass.!!!!!!!””””