Leaked Dell Roadmap Names Dell’s 10-inch Tablet

It had been assumed the the 10-inch tablet upcoming from Dell would fall into the Streak lineup, but a new tablet roadmap is confirming the name as the Dell Streak Pro. The roadmap also includes a few specs we can expect in the upcoming Honeycomb tablet. The screen will (obviously) be a 10-incher and will run at 1280×800 pixels. It will feature the NVIDIA Tegra T25.

Unlike the original Streak, the Streak Pro will be data only — no voice calls on this one. But there will be a cam and mics for video chat. The Dell Stage 1.5 interface and enterprise application stack should provide some corporate-level usability. The tablet is listed as coming in June, but this is unconfirmed as recent rumors suggest we won’t see it until fall.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  • Khalid.H

    It’s the Dell Steak Pro!

    Anyone else misread that?

  • Lovenexus

    I wanna see that 13 incher convertable tab

  • Wesley

    Maybe they will not put a tiny battery in there this time like in the Streak 7.

  • Dara Parasvand

    The Dell Streak 5 desperately needs a refresh – 1280×768, dual core, better camera, etc. Hopefully they aren’t giving up on that form factor. I’m not interested in any 7″ or larger device besides my laptop.

  • ari_free

    active pen support only for the win7 tablets? I guess htc really is ahead of the pack.

  • HTC Rules

    Is anyone even checking for Dell anymore?