HBO Launching On Select Android Phones May 2nd

If you were wondering when DirecTV and HBO would launch the HBO Go service announced earlier this month, a tweet from the television service provider provides us with the answer. According to DTV, May 2nd will be the day HBO Go comes to select Android devices.

This should play out in the same way as other device or carrier-locked applications, much like Verizon’s Skype exclusive or the upcoming Netflix app headed for the LG Revolution. Which devices or service providers will have access to HBO Go has yet to be detailed. Would it be a bit redundant to ask for the app to eventually hit Google TV?

[via AndroidCentral]

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  • Pitrick

    This is becoming a really bad trend for Android…having Apps being available only on select phones…this is what sets the iPhone apart for now. Even if I’m an avid Android fan…

    • Benjamin Akhigbe

      You know why. I hate saying this. Because android doesn’t have DRM support until the next version of android that going to be announced by may at Google I/O 2011. (execpt android Honeycomb tablet OS).

      • Justin King

        But does Apple have _any_ kind of hardware DRM? Last time i checked, fairplay was completely software driven… how did they convince people to back that while Google struggles with standardizing hardware integrated DRM?

      • jedijesus95

        Gingerbread was to suppose to have all the DRM stuff to make content creators happy.

    • Benjamin Akhigbe

      And a little fragmented (hate that f word). Most US carriers put junk and don’t updates android phones and some manufacturers don’t update android phones quickly. That’s why android updates are slow and that’s why stock android is better and Honeycomb tablets. I still got 2.2 on my phone and I’m getting 2.3, but when the next latest android software, I won’t get it until late 2011 or next year 2012 doom or never.

      • Benjamin Akhigbe

        But I from Europe but android updates still little slow in EU but faster updates than us carriers and we don’t put lots of preinstalled junk apps and slow android updating like US carriers.

        • Benjamin Akhigbe

          I’m from UK/EU

  • PaulMarini

    It’s already on google tv / logitech revue

  • Mgfjd

    Hopefully, HBO wont do that… If my phone is not supported I am not interested on HBO anymore. I was going to disconnect the service but the mobile product coming up kept me interested. I would be switching to Netflix.. at least they have more movies..

  • sandystorm

    Well that sucks that they only put on select phones but in my case I am waiting for the Revolution

    • Benjamin Akhigbe

      It just like Netflix delay for android. Select android phones.

  • mrsbelpit

    Well Directv tweeted that DroidX would be a supported device, so you would think many phones would be included.. If I had Twitter I’d ask them where the damn list is.

  • Treefq

    yep, android was TOO open of a platform for the comfort of the people who make money on the licensing of media.

  • Jon

    Even if they bring it to my device I will ignore it. Sorry I’m not going to support this crap from Carriers and content owners.

  • ninja reject

    Yay! Now I can watch true blood this summer

  • Bpjames101

    Already on GoogleTV, launched with it