Fascinate Froyo Update Failing? Try This [Forum Talk]

Conversations a-buzzin’ in the Samsung Fascinate section of AndroidForums.com – some folks are apparently having their brand new Froyo update fail on them. Thankfully one of our helpful members – Grahxen – has identified the problem and has come up with a fix. If you’re one of the unlucky few receiving this error – “UPDATE FAILED or INCOMPLETE. reason: IP_PREVIOUS_UPDATE_FAILED” – you may want to try it. Full instructions can be found over there and be sure to thank the fellow if it gets you up and running.

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  • bryan

    that’s why you get your update the night before the mayhem…knew that was gonna happen

    • Whithunder7

      I got my update the night before too and my fascinate works great.

  • Snaggletooth

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the froyo update originally failed, was recalled or had problems with every single model in the Galaxy S line. Why would the Fascinate be any different? Those that have received it are reporting excellent results though, so it’s a crapshoot!

  • Slick

    FYI I got this message with every OTA update I was sent since I got the phone when it came out. I finally brought the phone in about 2 months ago and they said my phone was on a list of 10,000 units with known defects that prevented the phone from getting updates. They gave me a replacement but still no Froyo update for me yet.

  • HobieCooper

    I got the froyo update on my phone with NO issues. Contacts and setting were retained BUT none of my apps were. I have to download all of them from the market again.

    • Hobiecooper

      Quick update: Apps were still there. The update left me in “safe mode” which seems to hide the apps. After a quick reboot, all my apps were back. The only thing missing are the customizations I had made to the Touch Wiz home screens.

  • MsGadget13

    Worked perfectly on my phone. Apps, contacts even my speed dials intact. Now just waiting on the Droid Charge!

  • Riverdriver

    My update went flawlessly too and it works great. Maybe all of the Verizon testing was worth it.

  • http://Guardian452.com Guardian452com

    I forced my update, wiped before and after, and it is flawless. The whole thing absolutely flawless

  • http://Guardian452.com Guardian452com

    I am missing the developer setting, stay awake on USB, did they remove it? Did they move it?

  • Sbenson1189

    Don’t update. Battery life is shortened by half. Web browsing isn’t smooth anymore. I could go on and on. Now I need help to get back to the 2.1 update 1. HELP PLEASE. I can’t believe how bad this update is.

  • http://Guardian452.com Guardian452com

    @Sbenson1189 As I said before my upgrade was flawless you might want to get it into the store. My battery life seems to be the same if not a tad bit more with Froyo. Everything seems a bit faster now too. I have more applications on my phone now because of the apps to sd function.