HTC Thunderbolt’s Inductive Battery Cover to go on Sale Any Day Now

Back when HTC Thunderbolt launched we learned of a special battery cover for the device that’d allow you to charge its battery simply by setting it on a compatible mat. It looks like it may finally be on sale soon as the thing has appeared on Verizon’s site for $39.99. Pressing the “Buy Now” button doesn’t actually do anything yet, but we’re sure that won’t be the case for long. Now we just need to know if Verizon themselves will be providing an inductive charging mat. (Although we’re sure it’ll be compatible with Powermat’s option.) [via GottaBeMobile]

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  • BetterThanEVO

    It adds fatness to an already fat phone! First!

    • Ben Crawford


  • J450N

    Wish it showed a picture from the side. I want to see how muhc bulk does it add to the back. if it fits flush sweet!

  • fierywater

    Nifty. Kind of expensive, though.

  • TopazAaron

    Flash on the back cover is opposite than the phone in the picture… can I say fail??

    • Dan Grover

      What? The thing on the right hand side is the back of the cover, not the back of the phone…

    • Aarontsi

      You = Logic Fail

  • Frank Newman

    Fat Fone Fail

  • Randy

    Adding even a millimeter of thickness, just so I don’t have to plug in the microUSB or drop it into a dock (if they’d ever start selling that) I think is a fail. The phone is big and fairly heavy already, right at the limit of what I can tolerate. I don’t think they’ll do well with this option

  • 93sleeper

    For $40 you can buy 10 more batterys

  • scoobydooby

    I’m hoping it uses PowerMat, I have a back cover for the HD2 and while it does add a little bit of bulk, I love being able to just drop it on the charger and forget about it.

  • David Pat

    Just a heads up. Inductive charging is a lot slower than regular charging