Samsung Fascinate Owners Receiving Froyo Update NOW

Just got word from some friends on Twitter that they are being prompted to install an Android 2.2 update on their Samsung Fascinate.

We reported earlier today how Fascinate owners can (finally) look forward to the Froyo update being pushed out tomorrow but for some lucky users, they’re seeing this update being pushed out now. Its the least Samsung/Verizon could do to reward Fascinate owners who stuck around this long with an outdated Android 2.1 OS.

If you currently own a Samsung Fascinate now would be a great time to check for a system update by navigating to your settings and checking for a software update. As always, make sure you have a fully charged battery and/or plugged into an AC charger before attempting to update. Good luck!

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  • Guest

    My Transform got 2.2 before them. xD

    • Fedup

      What has that to do with us?

      • Guest

        It has to do with the fact you know you have a problem when mid-range end phones get updated before the ‘high end’ phones.

  • Tekkitan

    I am getting mine now on my Fascinate. Confirmed.

  • Eric Silva

    Holy $H**. FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Check status, it’s available and I’m getting it now before it gets pulled back!

  • Robert Manser

    My incredible got it shortly after it came out. Going to get the thunderbolt tomorrow but was also thinking HTC will come up with something better soon so everyday I keep saying I’m getting the TB in hopes of hearing of a new device before I buy the TB.

    • Fedup

      You are in the wrong thread. We talking about the Fascinate getting Froyo you yoyo.

  • Jdubu89

    Bout time, I was thinking of getting a new phone maybe I won’t now :-/

  • Jonathan Kulton

    Just in time for Gingerbread!.. oh wait, it’s a Samsung phone.

  • Bobb

    That should read Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate. The Telus Samsung Fascinate got the Froyo update last year.

  • Scottd9000

    Forced in on my GFs phone….. Now constant force closes of google apps…. Nice work Verizon/Samsung

    • Tekkitan

      Mine is working perfectly ever since I updated at 10pm last night. I work nights so yes I was up all night using it, not sleeping.

    • Kjtriplett

      If you had google enhanced search installed try installing that

      • Kjtriplett

        Whoops I mean UNinstall that

  • thesios

    I’m going to wait until I see more positive comments from others who have had a chance to use it. Seeing the one negative comment so far has me wondering…

    Those of you who have updated, kindly let us know whether or not you are experiencing problems (and if you know of any work-arounds/fixes), please.

  • Matthew Seth

    My god… I’ve had froyo on my D1 for nearly a year… Everybody is looking forward/ running gingerbread and the fascinate is just now getting froyo?!?

    I’ll never buy a sumsung phone.

    • Tekkitan

      Not Samsung’s fault. It’s Verizon. All the other SGS on other carriers have had Froyo for a while.

  • KosmoCrisis

    Got mine. Nice and fast, like the change in appearance. Can finally download 2.2 and up apps!

  • samsungblahhh

    A few things I’ve noticed after downloading the update:
    -Batter life is MUCH worse than before.
    -Random system freezes
    Other than those being pretty important… yay?

    • Tekkitan

      Mine has been running all night and at 80% battery.

      No freezes.

    • Matt

      your battery life should improve as 2.2 has some nice performance updates but give it time . DONT use a task killer, give the phone a few days to settle (making sure you have your charger with you) and get used to how you yourself use the phone and the battery life will improve on its own. Dont dismiss what ive said without trying it 1st :)

      • CR6

        +1~!! DO NOT use Task killers on the Fascinate!!! It’s not needed and it causes more problems than good.

    • thesios

      My battery life seems to have taken a little hit, but I’ve been using it a lot since the update, trying to find all the new features and play with them (still haven’t found out how to install apps to the SD card…that was a 2.2 feature, wasn’t it?) Notice it was display that was eating the battery, and that’s with the brightness all the way down. I wouldn’t say MUCH worse, at least for me.

      I’m sure things will improve as I return to normal use.

  • Jdemeis

    Loaded Froyo at 10:00 last night. It’s like I got a new phone. So far no problems.

  • bryan

    Got my update last night…I see a few subtle changes but I’ve forgotten what this is supposed to do now besides the flash capability right?

  • Zaman Kadir

    Congrats for getting the update… At least 2.2.1 update… Me, still stuck with 2.2 update with lagging problem, GPS prob and contact prob. Still waiting update from 3 UK… Really frustrating with them…

    • Zaman Kadir

      Already get the update of 2.2.1 this morning which is same as Verizon… Relieves what Three (3) UK and Samsung and thank you for them which fixes a few bugs…

  • Guest

    my fascinate keeps crashing now…no i did not root it, i just downloaded pro launcher, WTF

  • Denns

    I received a call and my AIM ap and Google Finance ap CLOSED!

  • Dennis

    Also took almost 20 minutes for GPS to lock on this am… Not impressed with this update.

  • Dennis

    Power off the phone and it automatcially starts up again! UGH!!!!!

  • frank

    Now I see why they took so long it feels like a brand new phone with no lags

  • Eric Silva

    Updated last night, have used for a few hours, works smooth, fast and no hang ups. VERY HAPPY to finally have this update.

  • Dennis

    Update….. if your phone is plugged into the charger and you power it off, it resets by itself. Unplug from charged and Power Off and restart and the issues I was having that I mentioned below went away… So a hard reset after the update is needed.

    • thesios

      All of the issues you listed, or a particular few?

  • James48

    I’m getting 2.3.3 Gingerbread for my Galaxy S!

    :p better late then never!

  • James48

    I’m getting 2.3.3 Gingerbread for my Galaxy S!

    :p better late then never!

  • Not Thrilled

    11:30 PDT and I still don’t have the update. When I try to manually Check New, it turns off WiFi, briefly pops up a “Please wait” toast … and nothing. System update Status shows

    Source: Verizon Wireless
    Status: Server unavailable
    Code: 500
    Date: Mar 03, 2011
    Time: 04:56 PM

    Thanks, Verizon.

  • Lucienne Schmidt

    Wow, only 10 months after its initial release. Yet people bash SE

  • Melgibson

    Not bad… I’m digging the new froyo 2.2.1 for the Fascinate. I haven’t any problems besides the same old privacy issues. we still carrying around a tracking device. No privacy anymore, but I do like froyo it’s much better than eclair or whatever it’s called.

  • Guardian452com

    Loving my Fascinate Flawless Froyo

  • james

    Installed froyo update and have lost ability to connect to wifi ever since- can see network but can’t acquire ip address. vz referred me to samsung, who ack’s problem but has no fix or eta