Motorola DROID Bionic Not Dead, Just Delayed to Incorporate Enhancements


The Motorola DROID Bionic was one of the finer-looking devices at CES this past January so it was disappointing to hear that the device may have been cancelled in favor of a device everyone’s calling the Motorola Targa. (Which isn’t a bad looking device, for the record.) The Wall Street Journal has heard it from a Motorola spokeswoman that that may not be the case, though – it’s simply delayed.

They cite the desire to incorporate enhancements and new features as reasons for its delay. Verizon and Motorola originally gave us “Q2” as a release window, and while we’re only over half a month into that frame, the lack of leaks suggest Verizon hasn’t gotten the device into the hands of testers for the final push.

The new window, according to WSJ, is “sometime this summer” – not the most specific, but if they get this thing out early June they won’t miss their original “Q2” promise, but “summer” gives them room to push this thing back to the end of summer and early fall. Yep, that’s quite a lengthy delay for a phone Verizon professed to be a staple of their DROID lineup. [via AndroidForums.com]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. it would be nice to see this phone come out this summer! Bring it!

  2. It looks like I’ll be giving the LG Revolution a more serious look now! Get your act together Verizon, we need a dual core smartphone.

    1. While you’re wishing away ask for LTE

    2. Me 2 I’m getting the LG REVOLUTION when it comes out

      1. ur an idiot, a phone that has 5 mp camera, only a single core processor, and has bing… this phone is clearly not as impressive. only thing that is impressive is its design and back cover

    3. ur an idiot, a phone that has 5 mp camera, only a single core processor, and has bing… this phone is clearly not as impressive. only thing that is impressive is its design and back cover

  3. Stock android, gb and 1 gig ram

  4. Would much rather they delay release than put out a product that is subpar and needing buttload of work still. At least now, there’s the chance of having a quality device when it is released.

    1. Your not very smart are ya

      1. Neither are you since it’s “you’re” not “your”.

    2. Is the Xoom really THAT bad? I might just need to get one to see what all the fuss is about.

  5. Everything I’ve been reading is that the Bionic as we know it is cancelled and the Targa will be renamed the Bionic.

  6. I’m really hoping for June! I was expecting this phone this week and now I am very disapointed! I would get the Thunderbolt because I really like it, but I want dual core and hopefully better battery life than the HTC.

  7. OLED please.

  8. it was more like this:
    1) saw the specs of upcoming toys (SG2, HTC Sensation….)
    2) jizzed their pants…
    3) started working on new phone from scratch ;-)

    1. A new phone takes nearly a year to develop, not a month or two.

    2. I wouldnt say from scratch, but probably a later phone is being targeted now or they really did decide to make changes.

      1. From what I read, they’re not only adding enhancements, but making some form changes based on user trial feedback.

  9. Unlocked boot loader, an ap to rid us of blur, 4G LTE, NO MOTOR BLUR! pure free range android open source goodness! And did I forget the UNLOCKED BOOT LOADER!

  10. Love it. Love it. Love it. Should I hang up my iPhone 4 and get one??

  11. A rep at best buy told me today that this phone is coming in June. I can wait, my upgrade is not due until July

  12. there are some stupid people in here this phone is better than the LG REVOLUTION , HTC THUNDERBOLT, SAMSUNG STEALTH, DROID X , X2 2,3 PRO this phone has a dual core now if they make this a 4.5′ shyt t-mo at&t and sprint better look out. lol

  13. I will wait and see if this actually comes, whether in the Bionic form factor or the Targa form factor. I am also waiting with baited breath to see if the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes to VZW. If it does, I would be so down for that phone. The specs look sick. I am also a big fan of their AMOLED screen. There will be MANY choices in the next few months so hold on to your hats people.

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