LG Apparently Bringing Gingerbread to the Optimus 2X “June-July 2011″ [Danish Version, At Least]

We knew LG would be bringing Android 2.3 Gingerbread to their new flagship smartphone but didn’t drop any hint about when exactly we could expect it. According to their Danish support site, though, it looks like it’s safe to peg “summer” as the first official window. Things may differ from region to region, of course, so it could end up being earlier or later for those in Korea, the United Kingdom, etc. And T-Mobile’s version will likely have its own release schedule subject to T-Mobile’s plans and testing, but we hope it won’t take long. (Especially considering that one’s stock Android, for the most part.) [via Engadget]

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  • Jdog25

    So I was more or less right about at least one dual core phone not getting it’s next update until 6 months later. Then when the version of Android that really supports dual cores comes out you get to wait another 6 months, yay. Before you try to correct me only Honeycomb supports more than one core at the moment but it is rumored that 2.4 may get dual core support.

  • Haahaaah

    fail if june or july, google say upgrade realease every 6 month. if june or july, is time to android Ice Cream. fail for LG, and gingrbread must be come at this month for 2X

  • http://twitter.com/SanzaBlanco Curtis Cook

    I think what Google is doing is waiting to update the dual core phones to Gingerbread to get version 2.4 with dual core support on them. Makes no sense to update them to 2.3.3 and then have to send out another update with the dual core support which I imagine to be 2.4. I believe things are going to get a whole lot clearer after the IO conference. AndroidCentral is reporting that Google requested 5300 “somethings” from LG which I imagine will be the G2x which will probably become the first developer phone with a dual core processor. Only time will tell. In the mean time I still plan to buy the G2x but will probably still be using my Nexus One since I don’t really see myself going back to 2.2 at this point. Already sold my G2 to pay for the G2x off contract.

    • Elvis the Queen

      Except Google has nothing to do with it.
      It’s LGs decision when and even whether to bring out updates.

  • Bam bam biglo

    Will google update g2x sense it’s stock android no ui or will lg still will update it?