Wirefly Offering the HTC Thunderbolt for $150 [Deals]

Were you waiting for a bit cheaper of a price on that brand new 4G LTE-enabled HTC Thunderbolt? Wirefly’s got your back as they often do. You can scoop the device up for $50 less than you can at Big Red’s official retail channels, which isn’t bad if considering you’re going to be signing a two-year contract for these low prices no matter where you get the device from. Free shipping is included and they also advertise the complimentary mobile hotspot feature that’ll be valid until May 15th. Check it out over there now and use the code THUNDER0418 when asked to redeem any promo codes. (As the number in the code suggests, this deal is only available through next Monday.) [Thanks to those who sent this in!]

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  • b00sted

    i just bought mine from amazon for 199$ -_-

  • Htinsurance

    they screw customers by not showing all available plans making. They like to package certain plans rather than show all the plans thereby costing customers more money.

  • Dan

    This doesn’t appear to work when adding lines to an existing family plan. :(

  • Weoutchere

    It does work when you add lines to a family plan i just did it! And im sure they dont lie, they just have dumb customers like Htinsurance who cant read when it says “See all available plans”…