Can You Drive a Car Using the Xperia Arc’s Camera? This Guy Can


So THAT’s why there is a shortage in Xperia Arc supply – they’re using them to make cool ads like the one you see previewed above. To show off the quality of the Exmor sensor inside the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and the clarity of the Bravia Engine-enabled display, they took a few units of the phone and stuck them inside a car.

All windows  were devoid of glass and replaced by pieces of sheet metal. From there, a professional driver has nothing but him and his phones to guide him through a closed circuit. It was a bit scary to watch, but the camera was so good that he didn’t die. That’s great advertising. The video’s at this link if you want to check it out. [via Unofficial SE Blog]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Is the arc coming to the USA?

  2. trying to be too cool and forgetting what the purpose of advertising is…the guy wanting a bucket to vomit in is not the impression you want to convey

  3. Over-produced. Too many beautiful people. Looks like a bud light commercial.

  4. Sorry you didnt like it guys! It was a challenge, thats the whole point, to try something new and something that is real, without camera tricks and Green screen CGI..

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