T-Mobile Expands HSPA+ Coverage to 10 New Cities

T-Mobile has just lit up ten more cities on their HSPA+ coverage map, bringing 21Mbps speeds to even more magenta subscribers. Residents of Ames, IA; Anderson, IN; Battle Creek, Benton Harbor, and Jackson, MI; Fort Collins-Loveland, CO; Lawrence and Manhattan, KS; Springfield, IL; and Wichita Falls, TX can join the party.

Pending the approval a buyout of T-Mobile, this coverage area should end up going to AT&T’s future 4G plans. For now, TMo still plans to roll out 42Mbps HSPA+ coverage throughout its so-called 4G network over the remainder of the year.

[via TMoNews]

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  • Adam

    ‘So-called’??? Jesus…

  • Nyne7lac

    How can less than a year ago T-Mobile didn’t have coverage in Ames, IA but today they announced they have 4G there? I really loved the plan I had on T-Mobile but they admitted to not having coverage there and let me out of my contract ETF free.

  • Carolinacaptains

    Kevin, so-called?? Blame the ITU for allowing everyone under the sun to refer to themselves as 4G when technically, US carriers were years away from it. Thought we could move on from this tired debate. Bottom line, doesn’t matter if Ozzy and Bieber represent carrier claiming 4G-it’s about the Mbps. In areas receiving even close to 41 Mbps-NO OTHER can touch half that.

  • Carolinacaptains

    Or, 5G* rather.

  • Shrimp Boat

    Tmobiles 4g is more 4g than Verizon’s 3g was 3g. I’m tired of lables…performance is all that counts.

    • rawkr

      i agree with you unknown friend!

    • Frank

      Exactly! It’s all about the speed regardless of the moniker 4g,5g,6g Bieber fever lol!

      • Keller

        Kevin is just a fuckin dueche. He has always hated on T-Mobile’s 4g.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=587535414 Jacob Achee

    What’s the point of expanding HSPA+ to more cities when their AWS spectrum will be converted once the AT&T deal goes through? Sounds like money wasted to me..

    • Jason

      Because the buyout from AT&T isn’t a sure thing

    • Chris

      Because the at&t deal is too good to be true.

      Government will highly likely prevent it from happening.
      As a company, you dont just give up just because there’s a “possible” deal.

      The only company that’s getting pinned down here is at&t. Why? Because at&t needs T-mobile’s aws frequencies to build their 4g lte network. Other than that, at&t has no other interest in tmo.

  • blakrepublic

    so ames gets this what about DesMoines Area including Urbandale West DesMoines and such ?
    I cant see how ames is more important at all

    • Chimphappyhour

      I thought they already announced Des Moines a while ago? Haven’t been up there lately but I guess next time I head up to ISU, I’ll get to see for myself. I welcome an increase in coverage in Ames, especially the western edge.

  • dbcad7

    It’s almost like this so called article was meant to be a troll.. If electricity comes from wind, coal, gas, and nuclear and they all give you 110 volts.. ahhh.. never mind.. It’s pointless.. It’s like talking to the Obama birthers..

  • http://schwiz.myopenid.com/ schwiz

    sweet I will enjoy my 4g coverage in Lawrence until ATT takes it away :-)

  • Dade

    I wonder if TMobile is focusing on college towns? Manhattan, Fort Collins, Lawrence. The only things notable about these places is that they anchor a large university.

  • Revs1227

    lol ” so called ” well i ve been crusing at “so called ” 4g speeds for 6 months now while eveyone els is playing catch up
    mt4g out

  • http://profiles.google.com/irod87 Ignacio Rodriguez

    In response to the college town comment. Wichita Falls TX is also another town with a University.

  • Big Wang

    I’d be satisfied with solid 3g in the nation’s 5th largest city….

  • Keller

    “so-called 4G network”.

    Kevin….. Fuck you and your mother fuckin moma!

    • andulas

      you need to calm down. all people have opinions on things. can’t you respect it? its really a small thing.

      • Keller

        I am calm, it was a song referance o_O………

  • blakrepublic

    I don’t think they did DesMoines but if they did good for them sprint tells me our 4g should be up in running by the end of 2011 or sometime before i hope their not bsing me