Angry Bird Seasons Easter Update Coming; Rio & Original Versions, Too

Rovio has mentioned via Twitter that Angry Birds Seasons will be getting an Easter update. It’s said to be out sometime before the fun holiday so folks will have enough time to get into spirit. It’s a perfect match for a game about pigs who steal eggs – I’m sure some sort of “hunt” will play into the storyline.

In related news, they’ve confirmed that both Rio and the original version of Angry Birds will be getting new level updates. No details were given on what they’d include and how many levels would be coming, but we’re told not to expect it this month as they’re aiming for a May release. Now excuse me while I go hide these freshly-painted easter eggs from those horrible, horrible bags of pork. [via Android Community]

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  • ari_free

    I hope there are bunnies involved. I wuv dem lil’ fuzzy wuzzy bunnies!

    • Dario Sucic


  • NoBug

    Ari_free is correct. +1 for the Bunnies…Bunnies fight !

    • Chimphappyhour

      Ooo! Slingshot the bunnies! :P

  • Rafa

    WHAT ABOUT A UP DATE FOR RIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Timothy B

      If you had made it to the 4th sentence…

  • Timothy B

    mmm…delicious bags of pork

  • Eden

    Angry. Birds. Fatigue.

    When will it end?

    • Michael J

      id say 8 months after you started playing

    • ari_free

      Never. Rovio owns your soul.

  • Formula409x

    Non Gamers Unite!

  • Andrew

    Nice about the original, but no surprise about Rio. When you go to the stage select screen on Rio it pretty clearly shows the third stage as coming in May 2011. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Rovio will also come out with an update for Rio in July 2011!

  • Chris Holloway

    i wanna know when they are going to add all the Angry Birds games to PC? i LOVE playin the original on PC, but i wanna play Seasons and Rio on there as well. anyone got any info? :D