Angry Birds Rio Grabs 10 Million Downloads in 10 Days

The latest edition of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise was released a little under two weeks ago. In that time span, Angry Birds Rio has been making some serious waves around the mobile app markets. In just 10 days, the combined downloads of Rio across the Amazon Appstore, Android Market, and Apple App Store have reached 10 million. Quite an impressive figure, but did you expect any less?

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • Nic

    It’s, again, the free app of the day in the Amazon appstore today.

    • ari_free

      yeah because it is the last day the ad-free version will be free

    • Lennatron

      No its not. Rio is free at Amazon everyday. The free app of the day is BackBreaker FootBall:

      • RebelScum75

        Yeah, a funny thing happens when you reply to a post the following day… There’s a different free app by then!

        (In case that wasn’t clear, on April 4, Angry Birds Rio was again Free App of the Day on Amazon. Today, April 5, it’s Backbreaker Football.)

        Funny how time works.

  • Youtube10

    Thank you Amazon!

  • jasson


  • LUIS760

    only reason it got to 10 million is cause its free lol. I downloaded it and havent played it yet lol

  • Drew

    I think Rovio managed to make something already amazing even better.

  • d1m1m1

    What i want to know is how the Amazon appstore did against the Android Market

    • ari_free

      I can’t think of any other game or app that could get so many people to go through all the hoops to install another app store just to get it.

      • NightAngel79

        Totally agree with you there ari, would not of even messed with amazon app store if it wasn’t for rio

  • eclipsenyou

    It’s on the Market for free. Not sure if it’s ad free or not, but I’m rooted and have an app called ad free so I don’t see the ads anyway. This Rio game is awesome. Like Drew said, who would have thought they could make a great game better??
    Only problem I have is exiting the game, it takes 3-4 trys to get out. minor detail though! Better than the original by far!!

  • Abc

    Not sure what the fascination is with Angry Birds. I played through once, got bored of it, uninstalled it, and haven’t ever missed it.

  • partnership agreement

    This game is better than the first one,Mind you the first one was assume.Even got Angry Bird stuffies,My daughter loves them..

  • eclipsenyou

    Free is free. Who cares if it’s got ads? Every free app on the market has ads, that’s how the devs make their money. Out of the 50+ free apps on my phone, not one of them interfere with the app itself, so personally I don’t mind if an app has ads. Since rooting and downloading no ads, it not an issue any longer. But the developers have to make money somehow, so I’m all for the ads.