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Work-Around Discovered for Amazon Appstore Users Outside of US


Those of us in the United States have been enjoying the Amazon Appstore for close to a week now. Unfortunately, our friends in places such as the United Kingdom and Canada have not been able to download free paid apps daily or grab exclusive titles such as Angry Birds Rio as their region is not yet supported.

Thankfully a work around has been found. It’s been discovered that Amazon doesn’t use your internet connection to determine where in the world you are, but rather your credit card information and the address tied to your account. This means that you can plug in fake information and trick the app into thinking you’re in the US.

The only downside (and it’s sort of a big one if you were planning on picking up some of the paid apps) is that you can only download free apps. I’m sure many of you just want in on the daily free paid apps anyway, though. You can find what you need to do below courtesy of About Everything. [via Androinica]

1. Register for an e-mail address or use a throw-away account. DO NOT USE your current email address tied to Amazon because entering fake information is grounds to have your account suspended.

2. Register for a new account on Amazon using the disposable email address. Again, DO NOT use your regular Amazon account or email address.

3. Enter information as if you were based in the U.S. Go to for help in this regard. Enter the name, address, phone number, and credit card number (Amex, Mastercard, Visa ).

4. Download the Amazon App Store apk to your phone. Follow this tutorial for help in getting it on your phone.

5. Browse the Amazon App Store from your phone! You will not be able to access paid apps, but you can at least get the free apps that are exclusive to Amazon.I’ve double-checked with a staff member based in Europe and it worked, so good luck.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The Amazon APK has access to your SIM number (or CDMA equivalent) and phone serial (IMEI) with Android permission READ_PHONE_STATE. So they could just ban your phone or SIM from ever using the Appstore if they’d like…

  2. lol Umad?

  3. Oh your missing so much, like today’s one star paid app.

    1. angry birds rio is still free

  4. doesn’t work for me, still says not in my region

  5. “DO NOT USE your current email address tied to Amazon because entering fake information is grounds to have your account suspended.”

    Yeah I don’t know why phandroid is posting this shady stuff. I hope there was a legit solution for global users soon.

    1. “have been enjoying the Amazon Appstore ”

      Ok how much is Amazon paying you guy to promote their trash. ALL their apps (except rio) can be found on the Android Market. Nobody is missing anything. Android Market or GTFO

      1. Gameloft and other iphone developers are coming to Amazon. For example, the hit iphone app Photobooth is now there.

        1. Or you could just get one of the many equivalent apps that exist on the Market without having to almost commit credit card fraud.

  6. Didnt work for me in EU.

  7. Works for me in Canada, thank you. Hopefully Amazon gets their act together and makes their Appstore available to more countries.

  8. doesn’t work in the UK …

    1. I tried it and it worked for me here in blighty

  9. 1 click doesn’t work for me so can’t get anything

  10. Worked fine for me in sweden

  11. no longer works, they already plugged the hole

  12. no longer works, they already plugged the hole

  13. no longer works, they already plugged the hole

  14. no longer works, they already plugged the hole

  15. it works in pakistan

  16. it works in pakistan

  17. it works in pakistan

  18. works in bulgaria too

  19. works in bulgaria too

  20. works in bulgaria too

  21. work fine for me in Guatemala South America excellent way to get paid apps for free thanx

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