HTC France Confirms EVO 3D Will Come to Europe


Last week we saw the freshly announced HTC EVO 3D for Sprint’s CDMA network show up on HTC’s website with unannounced GSM radios, suggesting a European release could be in its future. Today, HTC France is confirming the phone will make its way to Europe, though no release date has been decided.

It seems the dual-core Android handset with a 4.3-inch qHD glasses-less 3D display will retain its EVO 3D name when it lands in France, making it the first device to use the name outside of the US. We recently saw a similar move with the HTC Incredible S.

[via Frandroid]

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  1. this is all well and good but where’s all the info about the htc pyramid? :(

    1. Don’t you think this will be the “Pyramid”?

      1. no. at least, i hope not. :( the pyramid was supposed to be for tmobile.

  2. Nice since all the sprint lovers thought it would only be in sprint lol.

    1. Nobody REALLY thought this. There are plenty of phones virtually the same as the EVO on various carriers with different branding. I would still be willing to bet that Sprint will get it first, although this is largely meaningless.

    2. It’s not for verizon though. They just get the thunderbolt

      1. who said anything about it coming to verizon???

  3. Will it carry the EVO brand name?

    1. Probably not since they know it as the desire hd, I think.

      1. Are we thinking HTC Desire 3D then? Sounds good!

        1. I can hear frenchies now “je l’adore, c’est meillure que un’ iPhone”

          Sent from ?

    2. That’s what the article at top says….

      “It seems the dual-core Android handset with a 4.3-inch qHD glasses-less 3D display will retain its EVO 3D name when it lands in France, making it the first device to use the name outside of the US.”

      If you’re just looking at EVO, then it’ll actually be the 2nd, since Japan is getting the EVO 4G.


    1. From what I heard, it’s actually a lot better. Hope theres no ‘health hazards’ attached to it like the 3DS.

  5. Cant wait hope the releese it b4 the US

    1. Highly unlikely….

  6. I really would have loved for this to be a world phone on Sprint. As it stands I don’t think they have one of those… How great would it be to pop in a foregin sim?

    1. I thought sprint was cdma. If a cdma carrier has a world phone do they also have a sim card slot?

      1. Yes, I believe the Touch Pro 2 on Sprint has a SIM slot.

  7. Sprint does have a world phone and it does have a sim card, but its Winmo and been quite a while since a new one came out. I wish the cdma Evo update would have been a world phone as well.

  8. But it Will never come to Verizon….

  9. I wonder if there’s any chance it will come to canada too..

  10. Im not leaving verizon unless they take away my unlimited data, bring this phone to Verizon NOW!!!

    if not ill get the bionic =(

    1. This would be an awfully sweet phone to land on Verizon. I think I’ll stick to my plan to get the Bionic though.

  11. Not the first use of the EVO name outside of the USA – first was HTC EVO 4G called the HTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HT – http://phandroid.com/2011/03/03/htc-evo-4g-headed-to-japan-with-wimax-intact/

  12. I hope they make this fast… I am in line for an upgrade in May and would rather this over the LG Optimus 3D.

  13. They deserve a great device too. I welcome The Evo3d abroad but only after it appears on sprint. Plus it won’t be the exact same device there will be items excluded from this device

  14. Hmmmm, more Ram but slower Processor/GPU…….. Do i get the Optimus 3d or wait for this?????

  15. they deserve to have a little taste of the best on sprint also…Hope they enjoy the best fron HTC just like we will be on sprint very soon this early summer…day one will be fun with htc evo 3d…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXpHtqqtd6A

  16. Woooow…. thats great!
    after this lousy show from htc with their new devices…
    I allready thought about going from htc to.samsung…
    But now… i really.gonna get.that ultimate htc device

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