LG Optimus 3D Passes FCC with T-Mobile 3G Bands

We know AT&T is in the process of buying out T-Mobile for some $39 billion. We also know AT&T is getting their own version of the LG Optimus 3D under the LG Thrill 4G title. But could the newly acquired TMo network — the one already receiving the Optimus 2X as the T-Mobile G2x — get their own version of the glasses-free 3D handset? A new FCC filing is suggesting as much, as the LG P920, otherwise known as the Optimus 3D, has passed through the checks and standards board with AWS 3G bands at 1700MHz. That would happen to be TMo’s location on the network spectrum.

As mentioned before, T-Mobile has a good working history with LG, having already scored the G-Slate as an exclusive version of the Optimus Pad along with the dual-core G2x. We’d say it is likely we will see the Optimus 3D hit the magenta carrier. Will we possibly see it released as the myTouch 3D?

[FCC via UnwiredView]

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  • louie

    Wow, hope it comes with dual bands so we wont have to throw it in the trash in 1 year….
    PS… first

  • PimpStrong

    So the Thrill 4G does not have these same bands?

  • jon po

    Why would anyone bother to get a new Tmobile phone knowing in a few months all Tmobile customers are going to get bent over and fucked right in the ass. Fuck AT&t, a horrible abomination and an a even worse cell phone carrier. People on AT&t network barely get 1 to 1.5 Mbps here in Connecticut while my Samsung Vibrant on Tmobile gets between 4 and 6Mbps. Imagine when the two companies merge, imagine then. All GSM phones here in the U.S are going to be stuck in the past regardless of innovation to make phones faster. Newest Phone on the slowest network, yeah goodluck. I will be throwing my money at Sprint or Verizon. Think about it people you are going to buy an AT&T 4G phone thats literally going to be on an obsolete 2G network. Even if it truly is 4G the merger will cause SOOO much network traffic that it will bring the network to a stand still yet they(AT&T) will charge you for using their 4G network and those stupid capped data plans. BIGGEST MISTAKE I HAVE EVER SEEN BY A COMPANY.

  • Black hole

    @ jon po. The deal isn’t final! Sprint ceo doesn’t want the deal to go through. Vw ceo says bring it! Why is everyone scared!

  • Revs

    God I would get this if deal didn’t go through I hate gay t&t

  • aaron cooper

    Ummm, the TMobile G2X can run on both ATT and TMobile bands, so no need to throw it away.

  • Jim

    @Black hole

    I don’t think people are scared. People are pissed. Did the merger of AT&T and Cingular improve anything? Even after their merger they still have the worst coverage and customer service.

    Verizon shouldn’t worry because they WILL get new customers that will leave.

  • Keller

    This phone look WAAAAAY better than the evo 3d

  • Black hole

    @ jim. True. I did like cingular better. Att taking over cingular didn’t do anything good because android wasn’t around and iphone too I think. This merge could be something awesome. I hope. I’ll switch if not. Simple like that people. Just wait it out.

  • tomnewtn

    Hasn’t everyone read by now that the new TMO phones include ATT bands?

  • tomnewtn

    The only reason I would consider this over the G2x is the processor. The G2x is compelling for features and style this does not have. Nice phone however.

  • No_Nickname90

    Ok. The idiot talking about AT&T having bad reception, once Tmo sells to AT&T, AT&T will have Tmo towers to use, so you’d get coverage from AT&T and Tmo.

    Just thought I throw that in there while you was out there being a douche!! LoL!!

  • Bobert

    It’s funny all the paranoia floating around about this merger.

  • Androidess

    Who cares-most of us move on to the next better thing prior to contract end anyway-according to statistics. Enjoy this awesomeness!