LG Thrill 4G Quick Take [Video]

Due to extenuating circumstances, I was unable to get an extended amount of hands-on time with the LG Thrill 4G for AT&T. If you didn’t hear, Ma Bell’s getting a 3D device of their own. The version that they +had on hand wasn’t much different from the Optimus 3D introduced last month. It was almost exactly the same, in fact. (This one is supposed to have 4G radios at launch, of course.) They professed that it was a very early model and that it doesn’t mirror the device they’re planning to release. Still, it was worth another quick look so be sure to take another gander above and check out our full hands-on coverage of the LG Optimus 3D at this link.

PS: You’ll have to excuse my jerky camera maneuvering. There were a few people trying to get the demonstration on video at the same time and I had to keep readjusting my position.

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  • Tim

    This 3D craze is out of hand.

  • Stunt Dr1ver

    You anti-3D folks need to STFU.

  • http://www.leethost.com/ Deals

    I can’t wait for this 3D fad to be over. I was over it like 20 years ago on my Amiga.

  • ari-free

    tell that to nintendo

  • Goldni

    I will be waiting in line for my 3DS this Saturday night for the midnight launch. You guys kill me. As of just a few days from now, there is only one glasses free device on the market. The Nintendo 3DS. There are only two phones announced with the same technology. The LG one (ok two carriers’ models but same phone) and the new EVO. Other than that, there are a couple of tabs that are coming down the pipe that will have the technology. THAT’S IT! THAT IS ALL!

  • Black hole

    Fuck you all!

  • Kmasum

    Dang! Android kicking ass!! Too many good phones but you can only have one.. arggg