Firefox 4 Now Available as Release Candidate in the Android Market

Over the past year Mozilla has been chugging along, tweaking and perfecting their Firefox browser for mobile devices with a beta release making it to the Android Market in the latter half of 2010. Yesterday it was announced that Firefox 4 for Android had reached Release Candidate status; the new build is now available in the Android Market free for download.

The new release brings along quicker scrolling, a more responsive interface, and improvements to the user experience. A blog post at Mozilla provides more details and a video overview of what new things to expect. Hit up the source link below to check it out.

Android Market Link: Firefox

[via Mozilla]

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  • Brian

    Downloading now…

  • Aeires

    Have to try this out. Opera also released an update on their app, noticed it this morning. Looks like tablets are getting some browser love.

  • dc

    Flash? Anyone.

  • DannyB

    Right now:
    (used to download FireFox)
    Being able to download FireFox on Android without IE could change things. :-)

  • Charl


  • leo

    Downloaded to my rooted cdma Milestone/Droid…installed…launched…got “Firefox does not support this device. You may experience errors”…wouldn’t launch…UNinstalled

  • mr.walker

    Too slow for my liking

  • Rico

    No flash. Whats the point of putting out a new browser if you are not going to support flash, especially on a flash enabled os. I was beginning to like it till this. Bummer

    Running rooted evo w mikfroyo 4.5

  • Jared

    Not a fan…I dont like the non smooth zoom and its reeeaallly slow…

  • Bela

    This is the fastest browser I have come across. Doesn’t seem to work with flash, but I honestly could care less. If I REALLY need flash I can always load up a different browser. Still using Miren as my daily driver until I can give this more of a test but I am liking what I am seeing. This has come leaps and bounds since even the last beta they released a few months back. I can see this as being my main.

  • Damule6666

    @leo It says right in the Description for the app in the market
    “Unfortunately, the Motorola Droid and Milestone are not currently supported…”

  • C. Kaiser

    Not all ppl have the skillz to read haha so perhaps he didnz noticed it

  • compadre

    Still raw. since the release of Miren I actually started browsing the web on my Nexus one … 1 year since buying the darn thing :)