Epic 4G’s EC05 Source Code Now Available

Samsung’s just released the source code for build EC05 of the Epic 4G. It’s the update that went out starting yesterday and adds Sprint ID and – above that in importance – Android 2.2. We’re certain there are a few of you developers out there who’ll want to get their paws on this so make no delay in heading to their site now. [via AC]

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  • sammyphan

    ANYONE WANNA BUY A Samsung EPIC I bought it 2/10/11. I want the Nexus S coming out anyone interested you can email me at tlspncr@gmail.com.

  • mr.walker

    New but feel so old! LOL

  • sammyphan

    i know

  • Jim

    Can’t wait for the custom ROMs based from this new source code. Of course they will remove all the useless Sprint bloatware including Sprint ID.

  • Craigmier

    Curious to see what, if anything, comes out of this that the eb13 code didnt have. I have been on syndicate rom 2.2 for a month and its been fantastic, cant think of a reason to get a new one