Crazy Android Robot Dance Is Pure Awesome [VIDEO]

This video definitely gives new meaning to doing the robot. At what looks like a shopping mall promo set up by Sony Ericsson to promote the Xperia Arc, the Android Robot gets down to the groove with some seriously sick dance moves:

The video comes from Dark32’s YouTube account, tipped off to us by Steve Albright (Developer of ClutchPad) who found it through Adam Vollmer. At the time of publishing this the Crazy Android Robot video had only 82 views. I’m guessing when all is said and done it’ll have just a BIT more.

[Thanks Steve!]

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  • Sonny

    HAHAHAHAHA Thats too funny


  • G8D

    Too good :’)

  • ari-free

    Androids like to dance and have fun. The other guys just try to sue everyone.

  • Paul

    That is great! Lol whoever is inside that suit, should be tha national dancing android. That was great!

  • Canyon R

    Nice. Double points for the first person to make a boot animation based on this.

  • scott

    haha that was pretty cool. Asians!

  • Stefan

    I wrote a lil about it in Swedish @

    So now the clip will get huuuge amount of viewers! :D

  • Jimmy

    It didn’t look like anybody was in it. It looks like robotic bottom with inflated top. I don’t know, I may be wrong. But it is awesome. LOL.

  • mariohyeah

    why the people is so serious? isnĀ“t it funny to see?

  • mihaelb

    awesome! I want my phone to dance like that too…maybe it is time to upgrade my Nexus One to an Experia so it can do the same

  • DanielR

    I want that for my halloween costume!!! where do I get one?

  • clay

    okay video was entertaining. but why did that bastard end it right when japanese hotness was just getting onstage?


  • Alexander

    Damn Android stole my moves! Nah, just kidding, I ain’t got no moves… :(

  • mauricio

    They need that dancing robot to move people’s attention span away fron that fact that they just screwed all of the current X10 owners by not upgrading it to Android 2.2 or above. I will never by another Xperia product ever again! Sony Ercison customers beware!!!

  • Vincent

    This can’t be a real person right? They’re moving at hyper speeds @_@. I agree with Paul…if there is a person in there, they should become the official mascot.

  • lolz

    haha the droid has a butthole >_>

  • anon

    That’s a very unfortunate placement for the inflation hole. Srsly??

  • Juniper

    Looks like Shanghai or Beijing.

  • Alex Mercer

    This video is awesome. So hilarious. I love it.