AT&T’s 4G Android Tablet: Acer Iconia Tab A501

It’s pretty clear that AT&T isn’t relying on the iPhone and iPad any longer: with other carriers announcing Android Honeycomb tablets left and right, AT&T finally came to the table with an offering of their own. Kind of.

In a press release, AT&T announced they’ll soon carry the Acer Iconia Tab A501. With a 10-inch screen, 1GHz dual core processor and Android 3.0, they claim the Iconia Tab A501 will be Acer’s first 4G Tablet. Kind of. In reality we already knew Verizon would be launching a nearly identical 4G Android tablet called the Acer Iconia Tab A500 and we even got hands-on with it at Mobile World Congress:

I’m pretty fearful for Acer and other hopeful Android tablet producers. It seems even Motorola – whose XOOM has gotten more hyped than most other Android tablets combined – has been unable to land a sensation in this product category. Neither Verizon or Motorola are releasing numbers so we’re left to guess, but most rumors and reports are pointing to less than stellar sales figures.

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  • Zack

    Wonder why……Maybe because it’s pointless device for most of the general Public.

    Though, no fault of Android…And I’ve been half tempted to get a NookColor just for the pure joy of hacking it.

  • James

    Yeah for most of my day to day activities I do not need a tablet, yet I picked up a nook color a few weeks back when it was $200 just for the fun of toying it. Occasionally I will take it with me and tether it to my fun just for the fun of browsing the internet on a bigger screen. For the most part though I can do what I need on my phone just fine.

  • stormin


  • Twenty4

    Price x 2

    They need to hit the $300 price point to be successful.

    I would like to have a nice WiFi only tablet, just not paying a mint (or signing a contract) for one when my phone can do pretty much everything the tablet can.

  • Android Fan

    This look sweet. I heard it had 10 hour battery life so with 4G this look to be one of better tablets coming. Go Android!

  • Bob

    I wonder if this means much, xoom is no.1 on amazon list for computers and accesories

  • edlong

    Price is the same as the equal iPad. It is the fact that so far it has been locked to Verizon. I wouldn’t touch Verizon with a 10ft Android. I will however look back at the Xoom when it goes to Sprint.
    Verizon thinks their poop doesn’t stink. Well, it does.

  • Marc

    The carriers are hurting Android tablets more than anything. They want that subscription money. So rather than offer 6 different configurations including Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and varying sizes of internal storage like a certain competitor, who has proven this method is successful, we are stuck with devices that are at the highest price point and require a data plan. Android FTW. Carriers, epic fail.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Looks really bulky… more like the weight and thickness of a netbook?

  • Greg

    the question of why its not sailing is simple. Price. In general these tabs are just too expensive for anyone who is not a super geek that has been reading about it since it first came across the FCC filing. iPad makes it easy for i-D-10-T’s to use. Android is an excellent OS, but for most it leaves to many choices, dumb people don’t like choices. So, they rather spend the money on something they don’t have options for, just a or b.

  • anon

    Its the carriers. Launch the wifi only versions first. I’d like to see some data showing the actual percentage of tablet customers that are paying a carrier for a tablet specific data plan. I am an enthusiast with a middle class income and if I can’t justify the extra expense on top of my phone and home internet bill, I doubt many others will. Wifi only versions have to be available from the start.

  • acupunc

    Until we start getting some WiFi version of these tablets I don’t think anyone should jump to conclusions about sales–being tied to a carrier with a high price will hurt any product. The *pad’s best selling models are the WiFi 16GB & 32GB. . . I expect the best sellers for Android tablets to be similar. By September Android tablets will be selling well and we’ll see some great form factors and cool changes to Honeycomb. Give it a little time.

  • paranoidandroid

    yep $300-400 sweet spot

  • Matrologix

    You know there is two models right, Acer iconia a500 is wifi only and a501 is 3G+ wifi.

  • Matrologix

    are you an idiot, it’s 4 ounces more then your itampon how does it weight more and how is it bulkier ??? did you even read the specs