T-Mobile G2x is Real, Will Be at CTIA [Photo]


If you needed even more confirmation that T-Mobile’s going to be carrying the LG Optimus 2X as the T-Mobile G2x, look no further: this photo says it’s real and that it’ll be at CTIA once the doors swing open tomorrow. (Hell, we may even stumble across it tonight at an event T-Mobile usually shows up to.) T-Mobile is said to be announcing the phone sometime today or tomorrow, though they aren’t holding a huge press conference about it. We’ll be on the lookout for more as the hours move on. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. why is it so skinny?

  2. sweeeeeeet. G2x or LG Thrill 4G FTW!

  3. too bad if what is being said about at&t being true this phone will be obselete once at&t buys out tmo which is supposed to be in less than a year.

  4. This isn’t gonna work with LTE when AT&T is done with it, is it?

  5. Is buying a 4G T-Mobile phone even wise anymore now that AT&T is going to retire the T-Mobile 4G frequency?

    I am going to need to find an AT&T version of my Nexus One! :(

  6. I’m not even sure I want to buy another phone until I’m positive about this merger.

  7. Forget T-Mobile, its dying. Continuing to believe in them is like a hot chic having a baby with Hugh Heffner.

  8. None of the current handsets on T-Mo will work with AT&T’s network when its all said and done.

  9. Will this work on the at&t thing

  10. Wish it had the nova display

  11. Waiting to here goverment regulators responses before I Re-up at T-mobile. Too bad, its a nice phone.

  12. Phandroid ask the tmo rep if this is even worth buying now that ATT and Tmobile are going to be merging and their networks aren’t compatible. Was seriously considering this phone but if it won’t work in a year if the merger goes through whats the point in even buying anything tmobile?

  13. “AT&T plans to re-purpose all of TMo’s 3G towers for the roll out of their LTE network,which should cover 95 percent of the country within two year’s time. The catch? Your 3G T-Mobile handset will be obsolete when that time comes, as confirmed by AT&T.”

    Seems like a bad time to buy T-Mobile products

  14. AT&T will workon T Mobile phones but not for 3g. Your voice calls will work and probably edge just no 3g/4g from T-Mobile phones

  15. Everyone who says that buying any T-Mobile phone is a bad idea is dead on. ATT is going to render any current and future(next 12-16 months)T-Mobile phones useless so buying a T-Mobile phone is a bad idea. And this is sad since I was going to pick-up this phone. I am now just hoping Verizon will carry it since Sprint’s signal sucks and all the little companies don’t carry high end phones.

  16. You don’t get a G2x for voice calls and edge. This really sucks.

  17. Actually the samesung vibrant works great on AT&Ts 3G network. :) Tested it myself.

  18. HELL YEAH! maybe my next phone.

  19. does anyone really care what tmobile is doing now? seriously, none of their 3/4g phones will work as a 3/4g phone once the merger is done. i was going to do an early upgrade to get the g2x but no way will i even think about it now. i bet many of the phone companies are pissed right about now as this will seriously hamper any future sales of their devices on tmobile.

  20. I guess this is T-Mobiles…”Hey we have at least one new phone!”

  21. who cares what they may say about Tmo phones not working for AT&T. “IF” that deal passes then it wont really kick in for another year. By that time we will be drooling over another phone with completely different capabilities. Great phone and im for sure getting it and when the merge happens if ever i will get the next top phone so will 50% of every other phone lover

  22. I spoke with a t-mobile cancellation rep who said if you are going to buy a phone, do it now. I was told until the day before the acquisition happens, I am only bound to t-mobile’s contract. It was explained to me that when at&t takes over, I will be able to get out of my contract as I am not bound to at&t. The catch will be for those who take at&t’s free phone offers at that time. If you do, you will then be bound to a contract with them. So not only will they be offering free phones because your old t-mobile one won’t work on their network, they’ll be sucking you into a contract with them. I am jumping ship ASAP regardless. I was going to wait and see how this all played out, but I was able to work on some angles to move to Verizon with very little cost. F you t-mobile and at&t.

  23. lets think here people. you get a 2yr contract right now. in 12 months you get to upgrade to a new contract and get next years technology at contract price. or get out of your current contract for breach of contract because your service no longer works. or switch to VZW now and get locked in for 2 years and pay full price for next years phone? I know I’m upgrading

  24. If our phones don’t work them won’t att have no choice but to give us new phones our let us terminate our contract?

  25. I feel sorry for all the uninformed customers, that don’t know that their phone’s radio will not work on ATT’s network when and if the merge takes place. I hope somebody addresses this.

  26. @swehes. I cannot believe you would get better then edge speeds on ATT with a Vibrant. ATT phones do work data wise on T-mobile but Edge only so I imagine it works the same the other way around.

    Also I seen that T-Mobile UK is getting the Atrix? Wonder if they are going to release it in the states as well? If they do that is the dumbest thing ever unless it come equipped for both att and T-mobile.

  27. @reddragon72 There’s a lot of phones that T-Mobile UK receives that T-Mobile US does not. I do not see the Atrix coming to T-Mobile US.

  28. Man & I wanted to upgrade too. No point in paying over $200 for this beast of a phone if it’s rendered obsolete within the next 12/16 months & screwing customers in the end. Whatta damn shame!

  29. Abandon ship! ABANDON SHIP!

  30. The AT&T / T-Mo merger will take at least 8 months to go through regulatory approval and up to a year to close. Then, they said it would take them another 2 years to convert the T-Mo 3G cell sites to LTE. That gives you a lot of time to enjoy this phone before you would need to make a change. By then – quad-core phones and 5G service will be around anyway.

  31. @reddragon72 Ppl that own the Samsung Vibrant can actually skate by with AT&T’s 3g because they have the 1900 frequency on the radio (Officially it supports AWS/1900/2100).

  32. you guys complain to much. i know for sure im getting this the 1st day. And think about it, the government isnt going to let this happen because then it will become sort of like a monopoly.

  33. Anyone holding off on buying phones now, obviously have no idea how long merging these networks would take. Unless you are the type of person that holds on to a phone for 2 full years or more, and most of us geeks here don’t, you should have no concern about buying a phone from T-Mobile. I will will be buying this phone the day it drops.

    Chances are I’ll be ready to replace it with a quad-core long before the networks merge, at that point I’ll re-assess the situation.


  35. I agree with everyone thats saying this merger will take atleast 2 years. But anyone who thinks that because of this merger ATT will be getting Tmo phones is kinda crazy. The ONLY reasone I think Tmo still got decent phones was because they gave htc an outlet to sell their phones and others followed. To be realistic if you have ATT you should KNOW by now they don’t want flagship android phones. The ones they have now are watered down and have capped data.

    They bought Tmo for one reason only, and that is because it would stand to make them the largest us carrier. Not that this is anything impressive, because if verizon decides to make an offer on sprint that will shift the weight back to verizon. If ATT gets Tmo I am betting Sprint will jump on whatever verizon offers, because they stand no chance in competing once the other giants take over.

  36. My question is this, who is stupid enough to sign a 2 year contract when t mo wont be around for 2 years?

  37. The question is, why wouldnt you sign a 2 year contract? If the merger goes through, you’ll be either grandfathered in with your plan (at&t doesn’t have unlimited data only 200mb and 2gb plans), or you’ll be able to get out of your contract early without paying a fee. So essentially you’ll get a discounted phone now, and when the merger goes through you can cancel without penalty and sign up with whoever you want and get another discounted phone. Any time the terms of your plan change drastically you can cancel without paying early termination fees. There’s also the chance that at&t will offer an even larger discount on a new phone for tmobile customers who won’t be able to access 3G anymore. I plan on switching from sprint to tmobile to get the G2X and lock in an unlimited plan before they go the way of the dodo. Verizon is rumored to go to tiered data this summer, leaving only sprint with unlimited data if the merger goes through. Even Sprint has said they will look at tiered data plans and that they’re not out of the question. When the merger finalizes, I will re-evaluate my options and decide what to do. Hell, this merger might get Verizon to lower prices on there plans because they will now be number 2.

  38. Going on the history of the Cingular/AT&T Wireless merger, it will take around 12 months for federal approvals, stock holders, etc.

    THEN, once that happens people will be grandfathered into their plans and phones and so everything will work as is for a period of time.

    It will take time to merge the networks, even after the official re-branding. Last time, it took around 6 months for it to begin and about another 6 months for it to be completed.

    THEN, once that happened, every AT&T Wireless customer was automatically eligible for an phone upgrade and then had to change their rate plan to a current rate plan.

    So, if I was already with T-Mobile, I wouldn’t be too hesitant to get a new phone now, because it will be at least a year and a half for anything to be required to change and then I could make a decision on whether I wanted to stay with AT&T or go elsewhere (sooo many choices.)

  39. Enjoy your new phone for about a year. But hey look at the up side , you’ll have a killer paperweight that ya can change wall paper on. I recommend the fish/aquarium one….is kinda neat. :)

  40. God i hope verizon buys sprint, i dont really give a shit. But i have one good reason that a few of you guys know.

  41. Well I was interested in this phone until…

  42. Being grandfathered in doesnt help when the phones arent compatible on the network.

  43. @ksizzle
    its Dick huh?

  44. I’ll wait until the HTC Pyramid drops in June-July. Then lock in.

  45. Please read and Comment. yourworld2day.blogspot.com

  46. Derr

  47. Q&A: More Information About AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA
    Bellevue, Wash. — Mar. 20, 2011 PDT

    An agreement was announced under which AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA. The agreement is the first step in a process that, including regulatory approvals, is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. Until then, we remain a separate company and continue to operate independently.

    We know our customers, business partners and others may have many questions.

    Here is some more information:

    Will my service change?
    There is no change in your service and we remain committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible experience using your T-Mobile USA products and services.

    Will I now be billed by AT&T?
    No, your billing remains exactly the same. T-Mobile USA continues to operate as an independent company. As always, you would receive advance notice to any changes to your services.

    Why is T-Mobile USA doing this?
    Bringing together these two world-class businesses will create significant benefits for customers. The merger will ensure the deployment of a robust 4G LTE network to 95% of the U.S. population, something neither company would achieve on its own. Also, because of our compatible networks and spectrum, the customers of T-Mobile USA and AT&T will experience improved voice and data service almost immediately after the networks are integrated.

    Will T-Mobile USA’s quality be reduced?
    No. In fact, the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA will offer an even stronger service to customers. Until the acquisition is closed, we will work hard to maintain our position as the value leader with America’s largest 4G network.

    If the acquisition closes, will I still be able to use my T-Mobile USA phone?
    Yes. Your T-Mobile USA device will operate the same in the future as it does today.

    Should I wait to sign-up with T-Mobile USA or upgrade my phone?
    No, T-Mobile USA offers the latest wireless devices that are affordable on America’s Largest 4G Network and the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA will mean even stronger service for our customers. Now is a great time to be a T-Mobile customer.

    Is T-Mobile USA getting the iPhone?
    T-Mobile USA remains an independent company. The acquisition is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. We do not offer the iPhone. We offer cutting edge devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and coming soon our new Sidekick 4G.

    Will my rate plan change because of the acquisition?
    We will honor all customer contracts entered into before the change of ownership.

    Where can I express my opinion on this?
    T-Mobile customers can utilize the company’s online Forums.

  48. I have not seen anything about how long it will take them to convert the TMobile towers to ATT AND start giving out new phones to TMobile customers… Someone here said two years ? Once I see what the timeline is ( if they even get approval, btw ) then make your decision then !

  49. Everyone is being so ridiculous. Just because AT&T acquired T-mobile doesn’t mean T-Mobile’s customer service is going down the drain. All it means is that both technologies will merge and that gives the customers better service. The only thing I could see that we should worry about is the price hikes.

  50. “None of the current handsets on T-Mo will work with AT&T’s network when its all said and done.”

    Are you crazy? I’ve seen this said twice now. Someone please explain to me why AT&T would buy T-Mobile, take on their customers (becoming.. effectively, AT&T customers) and then shit on all of them immediately? They wouldn’t be able to get away with this and.. wouldn’t want to.

    Maybe you could say they would want to IF it would force you to buy a new phone.. but it would be an outrage and is not really in the realm of possibility.

  51. In the sprint of openness and choice I am totally against this merger, Current customers on tmobile should not have to be forced to become customers on at&t. Everyone knows what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander one big carrier always follows behind the other. Fortunately Verizon will be left empty handed with nothing to buy if this merger becomes law which will leave us down to three carriers so you know they won’t allow anymore purchases that’s forsure. Sprint will stand strong through this regardless they are building something that will be around a long while. I can only hope they do not allow this to happen then tmobile can remain tmobile and at&t can come clean and face the facts that all they are trying to do is purchase tmobile for there spectrum because they can’t afford to continue deployment of there 4g technology. Tmobile and Htc put android on the map I will always respect the both of them for that. If tmobile disappears then that will leave SPRINT THE ONLY CARRIER TRUE TO ANDROID where people can recieve affordable fair prices for service as well as unlimited data.

  52. for all those worrying about buying this phone because of the tmobile/at&t merger, just pick it up. at&t wants to merge with tmobile, but nothing is final yet. It has to get approved and that could take up to 12+ months. on top of that, they won’t be switching the towers over to LTE until at least another year after that. so if you want to get the tmobile g2x go ahead and get it. you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. also, let’s say that the merger and switch to LTE happens sooner than we thought.. you will be able to switch over to an at&t phone without voiding your contract. on top of that, you will be able to get upgrade to a new at&t phone at new customer cost, and by the time we switch to at&t we will probably be able to upgrade to the quad core tegra3 chipset that nvidia has been talking about. bottom line, you have nothing to worry about it you get this phone.

  53. ‘*burp*’

    ‘T-mobile who?’


    ‘Oh, AT&T’

  54. Specs for G2X are on the T-mobile site.
    The 3G(4G) frequencies are different from the rest of the T-Mo phones. I did a quick comparison. Frequencies are the same as Motorola Atrix on At&t’s site.

    Does this mean the G2X is already addressing compatibility issues?

  55. Guys, in a year AT&T will have to at least let you upgrade, if not pay for it themselves. Get this now, and next year all will be good.

  56. This is like buying an umbrella made of tissue paper for a downpour. What’s the point??? And who thought of this misleading name? This phone is not the successor to the HTC G2. If they are implying that it is, HTC should sue.

  57. honestly if people want this phone or any new tmobile phone i think you should def get it. why? because in a year or so something bigger and better is going to come out. dont let the merger stop you from supporting tmobile. even though they screwed us over so badly, but i think this will be my new phone. its so beautiful.

  58. @TheLyon32: Holy crap you’re right! The G2x has 1900 MHz UMTS just like the original Vibrant, so it should get full HSPA+ on AT&T after they take the 1700 MHz band for LTE.

  59. What should be the biggest concern is how these big acquisitions used to be and should be illegal as they do not really benefit society. Just think of anytime you have had a problem with a product or service from a monopoly and try to get the satisfaction you deserve, how often does that happen. Proof is in DSL alone. It’s a shitty and dated technology that is packaged as something that is new and better than it is. The fraud cases regarding their advertising of DSL alone can show this. All from a large company that is behind in more ways than not so has to resort to buying the competition. The actions of these extra large corporations brings the definition of average to a whole new low.

  60. @NowVoyager HTC has no grounds to sue tmobile for using the G2 tag on the LG optimus 2x. HTC does not own the G brand of phones. The G-brand is the same to tmobile as the DROID brand is to verizon. HTC and Motorola both made DROID phones, and now Samsung is jumping in on the frey. as toe it being labeled the G2X, you should be happy about that. Making it a member of the G series means that is it coming with stock android 2.2, and will be updated to 2.3. i will take stock android over any UI anyday.

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