Android 2.2 Froyo for the HTC Desire Rolling Out to Cellular South Subscribers

Cellular South just pulled the trigger on the Android 2.2 Froyo update for their HTC Desire, according to their Facebook page. The new Android software is being distributed as an OTA update that should trickle out to handsets over the coming days.

Users who wish to attempt to pull the update down manually can check under System Software Updates in the About Phone menu of your Android settings, though not all handsets will have access to this method of updating immediately. See more about the update over at the Cellular South Discover Center.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  • Curry

    Man, I dub this week “Week of Froyo” Cause man! How many phones are getting Froyo? I’m even getting it! Haha

  • Tim

    Best of luck for the OTA updates. I have the Captivate, so I got 2.2 via Kies Mini, which was nerve-wracking based on the reviews of Kies I’d read.

  • mike

    Man, I thought Telstra in Australia were slack getting it out in December! No, I know they were slow…

    I would seriously be surprised if there were many left who hadn’t rooted and installed a cooked rom. I did that two months before the offical OTA update and never once regretted it.

  • Ace Curry

    Never even knew that Cellular South had the Desire.

  • Oskar

    Oh hey, froyo, the thing the ubranded desire got half a year ago.

  • Norupz

    OMFG!!!! The HTC Desire was updated to Froyo 2.2 by HTC last summer in Denmark..

    Why so late here?

  • Oskar2

    Never even knew that Cellular South had the Desire.