Adobe Flash 10.2 Now Live in the Android Market

As promised, the update to Adobe Flash Player 10.2 scheduled for today has gone live in the Android Market. You should be prompted to update if you already have Flash installed, or you can get the updated version direct from the Market. Finally, the full web browsing potential of the Motorola XOOM and Android Honeycomb can be realized.

Market Link: Adobe Flash Player 10.2

[Thanks to everyone who tipped us off to this!]

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  • Tim

    Got it.

  • Tony

    Yay, going to download now

  • elnorte

    Oh yeah!

  • ggfb20

    I’ve had it for almost an hour on my stock Nexus One (T-Mobile)…

  • Keller

    Nexus One is DEAD

  • nick

    Y does it say “SHOULD NOT b installed on tegra 2devices”?

  • Tim

    If you read the comments you can see how many idiots don’t understand what Flash is and what it does.

  • gdog5

    My web pages are loading so much FASTER. I was beginning to hate my EPIC since I received the failed Froyo update. I’m now satisfied….hopefully they fix the pinch zoom in the upcoming updated Froyo release, than I will be happier!

  • Keller

    You should have gone with the evo unless you need a keyboard

  • gdog5

    @keller – yep, wanted the keyboard.

  • Len

    Since installing this flash, my browser is lightning fast, my device boots up faster, and I got a 3 dollar raise at work. Thanks adobe!

  • SoKal26

    Rofl @Len

  • douchie

    Showing up as flash for me. Still says no tegra 2..

  • carl

    Evo shift has keyboard!

  • BeerMe828

    10.2 shows up in the market, but when I click on it, it redirects to 10.1… any advice?

  • paul

    Actually shows as 10.1 in market loads installs as 10.2. Great on Xoom baby.

  • Travis

    Does the update work with the Atrix?

  • gdog5

    @carl – no pun intended, and a smaller screen and slower processor.

  • Richard Yarrell

    great for our platform definately not apple thank god

  • http://phandroid soul4u

    Wow…..the browser is infinitely faster…HUGE improvement

  • avenuePad

    @Len Where’s the “$3/hour raise” app? :P

    Flash 10.2? Drastic improvement! Very happy! :D

  • Ace Curry

    I can’t tell the difference lol. Tho 10.1 was actually pretty smooth for me lol.

  • BoneCrusher

    I wish Flash would have put this out sooner…my dong grew a full 3″ after updating to 10.2!

  • TomHandy

    OK, serious question – how do you invoke the keyboard with Flash on Android? Like if you’re trying to play a flash game that depends on keypresses/etc.?

  • Mohammad Neyaz Hasan

    will boost the video playing capablity with new features of 10.2 flash.

  • Austin

    Totally ruined the flash on my phone. Videos are dark and look snowy now. Wish I’d never upgraded. :/

  • Sonelone

    @gdog5 Where are you getting that slower processor info from? The evo shift clearly has a faster processor than the evo 4g. Remember, faster clock speed does not mean faster processor. The evo shift has the same processor as the G2 and it is fairly fast. In addition, the location of the d-pad in great for playing games. I don’t have an evo shift, but I do have a G2 and it is very fast.

  • aberkae

    Updated my g2

  • snooknexus1

    Nexus one is far from dead… Even after a year since it came out…it still competes with all the other smart phones out today

  • gstatty

    updated on my dinc, it does indeed stream better quality video on youtube. Its streams the HD stuff that it wouldn’t do on mobile previously. praise be to adobe.

  • gdog5

    @sonelone – that’s just what most everyone has been saying, at least from what I have been reading “Anyway, we’ve seen this CPU before in the myTouch 4G and the T-Mobile G2; it gets the job done for the most part. In comparison, the Epic 4G has a faster processor…”,2817,2375230,00.asp

  • getheledout

    Do you have to have the Froyo 2.2 to use flash??? I have a Samsung Mesmerize and haven’t received the update yet???

  • Richard Yarrell

    my phone smells like ass hair.

  • NicksGarage

    I’ve noticed that YouTube videos that wouldn’t play the first time before do now. Used to have to keep reloading the videos until they would play.

  • ksizzle9

    All in all solid update, should be rock solid when it gets out of beta. The funny thing is that engadget trashed this update, why? Simply put, this isnt an apple product. The funny thing is they give all apple products at least a 9/10 rating to start off with.

  • ari-free

    engadget = AOL = you know

  • Paris

    I just updated my epic to 2.2 for the first time and I’m living it. And this flash is awesome

  • Julian

    I was out last night, clicked the “you have updates” icon accidentally and Flash decided to auto-update all by itself. Over 3G. There goes 10% of my month’s bandwidth, thanks very much Adobe, you pushy @#!@$s. I hadn’t set it to auto-update myself. Also it’s using up 12MB of RAM and can’t be moved to the SD card. Yay.

  • Christopher

    Why cant I find it? Is t-mobile blocking it?

  • sunhorse

    great improvement in speed on my!