T-Mobile UK Getting HTC Desire S, Motorola Atrix, Xperia Play, and Samsung Galaxy Ace

T-Mobile UK’s stocking up on Android devices pretty soon as a new crop of devices have just been announced. (And most of them are high-end mouth-watering pieces of technology.) In March, the Samsung Galaxy Ace – one of several new mid-range Android handsets from Samsung – will launch. In April, they will introduce both the HTC Desire S and Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Certified Xperia Play.┬áThe Motorola Atrix looks to hit the carrier in June. That’s quite a bit of time from now, but I’m sure the wait will be well worth this powerful handset. You can take a look at their entire slate of upcoming devices here. (Yes, the LG Optimus Black is still coming.) [via Unwired View]

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  • tq745

    am not a fan of the moto atrix…hate blur, i think its worse then touchwiz. just bring the htc pyramid or lg g2x to the states with vanilla android. that’s all i’m asking.

  • Zer0-9

    If only T-Mobile US had the Atrix I would consider leaving Verizon.

  • Lucas

    What about tmo usa? We need some love too!

  • carmendiva

    That always made me curious. I guess im not understanding it but if Tmobile usa parent company is T-mobile UK then why is it that the us versions lineup sucks. Shouldn’t they have similar devices and what not?

  • carmendiva

    and my apologies for saying it sucks because it doesn’t(i love my hd7 and occasionally my mytouch 4g) but its just…behind

  • Shaw

    I have a Moto Cliq, and until the 2.1 update I was pretty happy with it, but now it is so slow trying to run it. I went back to my G1 and fell back in love. I wish they would release another phone like the G1 with a GOOD 5 row keyboard.

  • Khan

    I was really hoping on T-mo would get the xperia play or at&t and I could get one unlocked and use it on tmo but I guess not. Well since that is not happening I have set my wye on the new Htc incredible s.

  • Flibblesan

    T-Mobile US is still owned by Deutsch Telekom where as T-Mobile UK is owned by another company (EverythingEverywhere Ltd) which uses the T-Mobile brand name.

  • srlnclt

    I just want 2.2/2.3 on my Defy!!!!!!!!!

  • nardva

    Overseas companies don’t mind sharing the same phone…In the US it’s alot different…T Mobile USA isn’t getting any of these phones…..

  • G11

    A brand spanking new phone released in march on 2.2… Fail!