Android Market Developer Console Now Serving Up Detailed Statistics for Apps

If you are a developer, Google has just switched on a pretty nifty little tool in the Android Market backend that allows you to see statistical usage data about your published applications. The stats and charts show you who has installed your app and when, as well as provide information on the Android version, device, country, and language compared to the global trends in the same fields.

The stats aren’t made public and have no effect on the end user, but they do provide a powerful tool that will allow for developers to better tailor their applications to the audiences using them most. If you are an Android dev you can access this data by visiting a specific app page and clicking on the ‘Statistics’ link.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • Jared

    As a developer, THIS ROCKS! thanks google you’re the best! :-)

  • Kevin Tambascio

    As an app developer, this kind of insight is great to have. Thanks Google!

  • curiant

    Google keep on making their platform better for developers, whereas Apple keep on shafting them with bait and switch changes to their terms of service.

  • Zac

    Awesome job, Google! This is great :) Thanks for the post Kevin!

  • jr

    somebody please make a app like winterboard on apple so that way we can change colors for battery, change lock screen, change fonts something simple i know someone can do it!!! i will pay!!!

  • Chris Konieczny

    I was just dreaming about this the other day. Thanks Google, you guys rock the mic!!

  • kam

    @jr lol…you know apple will ban it. and app that duplicate any of iOS functions will be banned most likely…unless you’re rooted

  • Anthony

    As a dev, this would be awesome … but today is the 18th and the thing still hasn’t updated from when it came out (15th)

    Come on google … can’t you make it work in a semi timely matter. I understand it if would update every 24 hours (even though it should be almost instant)