Samsung Infuse 4G Hits the FCC

The Samsung Infuse 4G – a Galaxy S variant headed to AT&T – has just hit the FCC for approval. The device was introduced at CES this year and impressed the hat off us. It was a 4.5 inch capacitive Super AMOLED display, a 1.2GHz Samsung Hummingbird prcessor (not dual-core) Android 2.2 with TouchWiz, and the rest of the usual gang. It’s no Galaxy S II, but if you’re looking for a good 4G phone in AT&T’s lineup I advise you not to pass on at least checking it out. [via PocketNow]

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    How long till we see five inch screens. Pocket tablets will be the norm soon enough.

  • Jake

    Don’t you mean Super AMOLED Plus display? the increased sub-pixel count looks like it makes a huge difference!

  • andrew53517

    Sounds like ATT is going to bring the heat at CTIA. This probably getting released, the gs2. And most likely more!

  • PimpStrong

    @ SIGINT – Dell Streak 5

  • samsung infuse

    finally some news. i cant wait! hopefully att will turn on the 4g!

  • ksizzle9

    this should be a pretty decent offering from att, although i do believe that 4.5 inches is just a little to much for a phone screen, nice super amoled plus screen to go with a beefed up hummingbird that is already strong to begin with. just dont count on any type of timely updates if you plan to buy this thing.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This device pimp slaps the thunderbolt silly. At&t looking pretty good with the Atrix 4g, Inspire 4g, and now the Infuse 4g that lineup makes Verizon look OBSOLETE

  • Richard Yarrell

    Plus I want to be the first to point out.. making announcements of new devices and bringing them to market is one thing. How these devices work in the real world and on that network is another. Not to mention if the carrier ”EVEN ALLOWS FOR THE DEVICE TO BE USED AS INTENDED” Truthfully only one network exist for that and that network is where the granddaddy of 4g is.. My Htc Evo 4g where the word UNLIMITED DATA FOREVER really exist with NO CARRIER INTERFERENCE OR SHUT OFF OF MANUFACTURERS DEVICE FEATURES.

  • UniqueNate

    I wonder what will be their galaxy s II if this won’t. This is a nice phone but what will be the galaxy s II for them. I hope US carriers don’t pass it up. Like the stealth lte for Verizon. It is a beefed up phone as well but not the galaxy s II either. If they do get it then why have something so similar and being the only differ is Gingerbread and dual core. They already have the new plus screen and cams on the front.

  • http://phandroid moises

    what is sad is that at&t were the last carrier to bring an android phone to it lineup, and they have a better lineup than sprint already, so sad very sad.

  • Lg optimus 3d

    Dual core, dual memory, and dual camera. Gs2 no good.

  • Jeremy

    Any chance it will be dual mode – HSPA+/LTE? I don’t want to have to buy a new phone when LTE rolls out, and dual mode would provide a nice HSPA+ step-down in non-LTE areas…

  • Richard Yarrell

    @moises… You can keep ass t&t lineup because everyone in the industry already knows there not serious ABOUT ANDROID OR UPDATES TO ANDROID DEVICES. Plus you will NEVER be able to use your devices as intended from the manufacturer ANYWAY cause they love EXCLUDING FEATURES from android devices. Don’t forget your MANDATED DATA CAPS… I feel for you guys over there.

  • clint

    @Richard. I mean dick..The thunderbolt will take a big shit all over your evo “4g” lmao. Or sgould i say 3.5 g? Haha

  • UniqueNate

    @clint the thunderbolt is nothing but a refresh. It’s nothing we haven’t seen already.

  • Zack

    All carrier’s are probably going to have a second SGS variant, except Sprint… I don’t see Sprint making another one because the Epic is just epic as it is ;)
    anyway lmao
    The carrier’s probably will get SGS2 devices… just not any time soon… May or June, we may begin to see some light on things… but I’m doubtful anything happen soon(meaning around this month). I remember reading an article saying we’d have to wait ’till September… kind of a long wait… hopefully it isn’t true.

  • Peggy


  • Dan

    sprint sucks, their 3g couldnt even top 1.2 Mbps in my area and my atrix on at&t get 3Mbps on average

  • Richard Yarrell

    @Peggy…. Hope your here for a long time still visiting phandroid and posting your comments as you are now cause sprint won’t be joining that band wagon NO TIME SOON..

  • ari-free

    richard that’s what people once said about Verizon.

  • Mariela

    fucking finally

  • John

    ATT and all its devices can blow the evo already they all are garbage with tgheir data caps :p