HTC Thunderbolt Car Dock Seen In-Store, Ready To Be Driven

Although everyone wants to know, nobody is sure if the HTC Thunderbolt will launch March 17th, March 21st, or some other date. That isn’t isn’t stopping accessories from popping up in Verizon Wireless stores which would suggest the much-awaited HTC Thunderbolt will at least launch this month.

If you get as much use from Google Navigation as I do, you’ll likely have the above HTC Thunderbolt Car Dock on your “To Buy” list. It’s clearly an Official Verizon Wireless Accessory and comes at the cost of $29.99 – not bad, especially considering a texting while driving ticket is likely much more. Consider it an insurance plan.

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  • Alex

    Well, I don’t believe anything anymore, but I least the accessory above keeps my hopes up. I do wish it can be release this month, I know Verizon hasn’t said anything offcial yet, but like I said, I’m keeping my hopes up.

  • Keller

    Yo Rob why do you guys keep promoting the Thunderbolt. Nobody cares anymore. Make a poll if you don’t believe me

  • Chris

    Nice spelling on the headline “Thunderolt” :0)

  • Hampteezy

    +1 – I agree with Keller, stop shoving the “Thunderolt” down our throats. Unless you are getting kickbacks from Verizon and in that case. Let me in on that action. ( had to lighten the mood)

  • Brian

    Hey Keller:

    I care. I’m buying one. It’s been a bit annoying at times with all the rumored release dates passing by but Verizon never gave a date and the phone will still be the best on the Market when it is released. And this time next year I’ll be jumping on board the dual-core wagon after my one year contract upgrade is available. But for now a mature and stable single core processor is the best bet. Plus the TBolt’s 2nd gen Snapdragon will have Netflix support.

  • Brian


    You really think they are shoving the TBolt down your throat? 3 out of the last 20 articles isn’t very much. It’s a hot topic. People ARE still interested. I am. I mean come one people, it’s just a phone. If you aren’t interested in it anymore then skip the TBolt articles. It’s as simple as that. Phandroid is an Android blog that has the rights to publish any article they want that concerned Android and Android phones.

  • Roddyblack73

    They are just playing with us they have them in stock. Aren’t they please somebody wake me up from this nightmare.

  • Mitchell

    Oh… Its the thunderolt. Lemme know when something to do with the thunderbolt happens.

  • Atlas

    What’s the law on video conferencing while driving? Hahaha

  • davem

    wow, tech trolls take over the net, i guess it was inevitable. bashing an article on car mounts, wow, your mommy must be so proud. What do u do for an encore? kick your dog? lucky for some of u scum are allowed computers. Let me guess, u have created over 50 temporary email accounts in the last year to use for spamming and trolling. dont bother replying, i’ve already wasted too much time on addressing stupidity.

  • Raptor007

    Hey stop telling sites what to post as news. I am waiting on the TB and I am happy to get it once it launches. Samsung is a crappy device mfg, LG has no real proven record and Moto locks their daughter’s up at night so no fun with the Bionic.

    So if you don’t want to read the F-in news skip the story. That’s what I am sick of reading, is the whiners.

  • John

    Will the Thunderolt run Gingerbeard when it’s finally released?

  • Keller

    davem = Quentyn Kennemer (Sp?)
    Raptor007 = Rob Jackson

    Lol @ hamp

  • spelberg

    spell checker for Thunderolt available at android marketplace.

  • Bunsen Honeydew

    I wonder if the dock will allow the phone to be charged during use. Isn’t the charging port on the bottom of the left side?

  • Alex

    @John, I don’t think it will be running Gingerbread out of the box. It comes with Froyo 2.2…Most like you will be able to do OTA (Over The Air) update. Just be careful with those OTA because they can make the phone run better or sometimes make it worst.

  • Bela

    Wonder if the evo would fit in this thing. Looks much nicer than anything I have seen to fit the evo.

  • Topshelf

    Any chance the audio out cable is connected to the dock? I never use the cable on my X because of the hassle of connecting/disconnecting the cable from the phone.

  • Robbzilla

    I wonder if that would fit my mom’s EVO… :D

  • steve

    wonder if the desire HD will fit into the new dock

  • Adman

    @Keller: Are you kidding us? Of course they’re plugging the thunderbolt! It just came out, and as of now is the most powerful android phone out there. It is a big deal.

    Go back to Engadget, apple trolls.

  • brandon

    the evo have it’s own car dock