We’re Hiring: Android & iPhone Developer [Part-Time/Full-Time]

Are you an experienced Android Developer looking for a sweet new gig? The leading website for Android-enthusiasts (hint: that’s us) is looking for a developer to lead our mobile efforts and expanding product portfolio. We’ve already got our own application that could use new features and improvements, but we’re eager to pursue development of new ideas, concepts, and apps that we think the world will love.

What we’re looking for:

  • Part-time or Full-time Android Developer (iOS Development experience a plus)
  • A team player eager to take ideas and turn them into polished products


  • At least 1+ year experience developing for Android
  • Proven experience: either you’ve published your own apps on Android Market or have worked on a team producing top titles
  • Ability to unlock the power of mobile development by leveraging all tools available including geo-location, social integration, and emerging concepts
  • A true expert who prides themselves on clean, commented code that is optimized and efficient


  • Competitive based on experience

How to apply:

  • Send an E-Mail to jobs[at]phandroid[dot]com
  • Copy and paste “Android Developer” in the subject line… without the quotes
  • Tell us your name, age, location and a little bit about yourself
  • Tell us your work history and why you are perfect for the job
  • Tell us how much time each week you can dedicate to Phandroid
  • Copy/Paste/Link us (no attachments) to all related applications you’ve developed (or helped develop) and explain your level of involvement on those projects
  • Convince us that you’re the “go-getter” we’re seeking!
  • Please TAKE YOUR TIME in submitting your application – we’re looking for quality of applicants, not how quickly you can show your interest/urgency

We’re anticipating a large quantity of feedback and simply cannot respond to every applicant we get. We want to thank everyone in advance for their interest and we’ll follow up with potential candidates in the near future.

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  • Hampteezy

    Dudes comment got removed lol FIRST

  • Alex

    Are you seriously going to try to get App Store approval for a Phandroid iPhone app? I’m sure that will go over like a lead balloon.

  • moii

    I wouldnt even waste my time trying to make an app for the app store… it will simply get rejected because its related to android

  • ari-free

    Some group already tried to get their android magazine app and Apple rejected it. They accepted their iphone magazine app instead.

  • Rob Jackson

    Short Answer: We have other applications and ideas that aren’t Android-related which we’d like to develop.

  • ToastnJam

    I think the point they’re trying to make is that they want somebody with overall smartphone experience, not just android. Anyone in the IT business knows you don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to networking, programming, etc. The more you know the more you’ll make AND the better off you’ll be as an employee for said company.

  • ToastnJam

    Rob beat me too it!

  • Android Fan

    I go for that job. Andoird rules and I have great ideas on which apps are best to go in the future. I have experience in submitting apps to stores outside of Android Market place and know much of the hacks to get Android working (ie. Ad Blocker, etc). I have sent my CV to above address. This is great for me and great for Andoird…pur magic. Go Android!

  • http://mitchsamuels.com Mitch

    What about a 15 year old iOS developer who has about a two months experience with App Inventor?:) Hahah

    Just Kidding!

  • keller

    ^ Hilarious

  • js

    How about fix your phandroid app.

  • Joe

    Please completely stop working on the shitty phandroid app and start working on a mobile website.

    I love androidandme’s mobile website but this website only has an app, and that app SUCKS big time.

  • No_Nickname90

    @Joe I think that’s why they said they needed people to fix their app. LoL!!

    And how do you GET experience working with Android Apps? Is it self-taught, or is there some Google School or something? Or should I wait until I take my Java Programming class in school before I start asking these questions? LoL!!

  • Debasisdas22583

    how we make an online test application on android phone?
    please send me the source code..