HTC Hero Receiving Minor Update Fixing Peep Twitter App

While we have no word which HTC Hero handsets will receive it, an update is currently going out bringing the phone’s firmware version to 3.36.405.1. The update won’t provide any major changes to your Hero’s software, but rather does some maintenance on the built-in Twitter application Peep.

The update is a small 6MB file and shouldn’t take too long to patch and be done with. Your Hero shouldn’t feel too much of a difference.

[via EuroDroid]

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  • mikeyd

    Lol. I haven’t seen sense on my Hero in a looong time. Sorry HTC, ill stick with cronos GB. :)

  • Misterneno

    How awesome is that. I’ve been running FroydVillain on mine for a while now and would never get back to the stock ROM anymore…

    Thanks anyway for the post.

  • Martin

    I received this update last week and It took approx five minutes to download and install. A bit surprised to have had the update as there was no warning. Your post has been the first to publicise it.

    Orange Hero UK

  • ed

    wow, they’re still sending out updates to this phone? good job on product support htc!

  • dork

    ive always loved this phone.

  • jdog25

    This was the first skinned Android phone to be released back in June 2009, the second was the Moto Cliq 4 months later.

  • James

    Been run a custom rom for well over a year now.
    But its good to see HTC still supporting the Hero..

  • Lee

    Had to install a custom rom to get some of the FroYo goodness and specifically the ability to install apps on the SD card as this is the achilles heal for the HTC Hero. True it’s not fast compared to the new handsets but it does everything I need and now I can install as many apps as I want thanks to Cyanogen.

  • DonIsGood

    Received it last week and definitely improved PEEP frequency. The down side however is that it now takes up (or taken away) 10mb worth of valuable RAM and I had to delete a number of apps to accommodate – NOT HAPPY!!! Wish HTC release 2.3 instead so that I could have save the apps to SD card

  • SarcasticJoe

    My GSM Hero got stuck in a bootloop after it unsuccessfully tried to install this update (didn’t touch it if before you suggest I did). You’d think a company like HTC wouldn’t screw up as badly as to actually breaking their devices just to apply a Twitter update.

    Looks like it’s back to Nokia’s for me once the N950 is released then…