Foursquare 3.0 to Add Leaderboards, Exploration Features, And Group Check-Ins

Buried beneath a very personal (to them) post today, Foursquare announced version 3.0 of their application. New features include a revamped leaderboards system, an Explore and Me tab that’ll show you in a glance where you and your friends go most often, and it gives business owners the ability to offer deals to friends who check in at the same time.

You’ll be able to see group and single deals nearby using another new feature they’ve added: you don’t have to guess who’s offering discounted lattes. They’ve only shown the iPhone version here, but expect all of these changes and more to come to the Android version very soon. (As soon as tonight, even.) Go on and read their blog post on the update: it’s a warming read if you’re a huge Foursquare fan.

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  • DAE51D

    Great. Useless features. How about the features that people actually need, like “Auto Checkin” (like Checkin Assistant tries to do but hasn’t been updated in forever). And ability to Checkin and say whom you are with (like Facebook does). Also, faster/better GPS location tracking would be good too as it really seems pretty pokey and sometimes it’s just way the hell off base.

  • Dave

    The new features sound great to me. They look like they’ll build on what makes Foursquare fun and interesting. I don’t want involuntary check-ins, thank you very much.
    Only problem: it’s later tonight…where’s the update?

  • Boldizsár Péter

    I kinda like it…