Samsung: Talk of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Overhaul Was Untrue, Tablet Will Ship as Scheduled


Shortly after the announcement of Apple’s iPad 2, word got out that the device and its pricing had Samsung rethinking the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Reports out of Yohap News Agency said the Korean manufacturer wanted to improve components of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 they felt were inadequate and better evaluate how to price their next Android slate. Now Samsung is denying that report, saying the tablet will ship as expected and without delay.

We are expecting to see the Galaxy Tab 10.1 land in Europe by means of Vodafone later this month, though a US release strategy has not been revealed. We suspect Samsung will still do some maneuvering within their tablet lineup as their Tab-focused CTIA press event draws near.

[via BGR]

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  1. hahahaha rumors.

  2. The remark, if it was made, sounded a little sarcastic to me. Kind of like saying, now that we’ve seen the iPad 2 we need to update any hardware that is lower in spec. . . well, the iPad is thinner. In other words, maybe they were just stating that, the iPad 2 does not in fact surpass the tab in specs in any way other than being thinner.

  3. Oh great! The tablet will ship “as scheduled.” That is, according to the schedule that no one (including possibly Samsung) knows the details of.

    It’s really infuriating to me when these tech companies announce gadgets without price and release date information.

    @Kevin that doesn’t give a date, how do you know it’s this month? I want it :)

  5. I heard about the iPad 2, and my first thought was, against the Xoom and other Honeycomb tablets, iPad 2 is DOA. Sadly, all the “hip” people will buy them and convince all the other sheep that it’s the device to have.

  6. CFCF: I don’t see why this should bother you. They give us a heads up whats coming, but they do not have it set yet what price or when its coming out. They decide the price fairly last min. And also people tend to yell and scream if they announce something and change their mind. I definatly cant blame them at all.

  7. If developers can’t make quality apps for a platform then how are they going to sell devices??? Imagine your perfect tablet including hardware specs and everything and then take all the apps away and you got a product that won’t sell. I just can’t bring myself to buy a Xoom or Tab or any other Android tablet till they get more quality apps which sucks because I love Android. I’m jumping onto the Ipad train till I get a good Android alternative.

  8. The only thing Samsung wanted to change the pricing of the tablet. It knows the specs are above iPad 2’s and on par with Xoom’s

  9. So wait… Are they ACTIVELY denying the changes, or simply confirming that it will ship without delay? Because if it’s the latter, maybe they’re just really well organized, and I mean it isn’t like we’ve heard a date yet anyway…

  10. Any info on what this tablet will cost? I hope better priced than XOOM…

  11. I bet the price will be below XOOM and same as iPad 2.

    Samsung has more flexibility to have lower prices I feel than Motorola, but maybe Im wrong.

    My money is on this being the best Android tablet as they will have learned from the orignal 7″ Galaxy Tab.

  12. Release a wifi only version on launch and I’ll scoop one up. Apple is unfortunately the only company willing to stand up to the carriers.
    F you you’re not allowed to install your crap on our brand phone. Don’t like it? We’ll go elsewhere. By the way we’re releasing a wifi only iPad. Not happy about it? Tough!

    Android OEMs can learn alot from Apple. Not a fan but facts are facts.

  13. I asked Voda when it’s coming and what price and they said they didn’t have that set yet :|

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